UMi London in live pictures

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Summary: UMi London in live pictures: This 6m survivor is available from 27th June. UMi London adopts DG Twin-Shield™ technology developed by UMi
UMi London in live pictures: This 6m survivor is available from 27th June

The UMi London comes with a unique technology and craftsmanship to be a tougher and more stylish smartphone than most others.

How UMi London endures a fall down punishment from 6 meter?
UMi London adopts DG Twin-Shield™ technology developed by UMi, that combines the following techniques:
Enhanced ‘Dual 2.5D Glass’ protection to make it stronger than standard single glasses.
‘Pressure Absorption’ kinetic insulator by 3M, that offers a 0.23mm pressure absorption to bypass the destructive power of strong impacts.

With this custom-made protector UMi London is able to survive in a maximum of 6m high drop test

Design for beauty and solidity
Unlike its competitors, UMi London is elegant without sacrificing the steadiness.
It is built with an exquisite, custom-tailored space tech aluminum alloy frame. UMi London’s internal frame is just 4.8mm thick, while the dual-curve back is the main reason why this smartphone feels so comfortable in your hand.

So, UMi London is an eye-pleasing, rugged reliability choice for you!

UMi London is priced at $69.99 currently. To discover more about it, check the following link:

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Umi, an emerging phone brand in China has just launched Umi London. So what is this smartphone called London special?

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