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Why UMi Super’s Battery lifetime and performance is better than Meizu M3 Note

2016-6-22 22:13| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 3576| Comment: 117

Summary: Why UMi Super’s Battery lifetime and chip set performance is better than Meizu M3 Note Grand hardware and Pure Android 6.0 optimizationIn the test video,result test by P ...

Why UMi Super’s Battery lifetime and chip set performance is better than Meizu M3 Note

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Great hardware and Pure Android 6.0 optimization

In the test video,result test by PCMARK , UMi Super achieve 4049 while the Meizu M3 Note reach 3470.

It’s obviously to see UMi Super loading heavy gaming programs quicker than Meizu M3 Note .

Why UMi Supers Helio P10 performance is better than Meizu M3 Notes?

UMi Super comes with a Helio P10, MediaTek Processor, Octa-core, 4GB RAM from SAMSUNG which is marketed as a high-end device.  It’s the same processor used on the M3 Note but sports 3GB RAM. Offering a 32GB internal storage . That is determinate reason why they have a big gap in performs .


Pure Android 6.0 and Smart RAM Management

After 30mins Screen time battery  test, here we see the result

UMi Super: 31% left

Meizu M3 Note : 28% left

Umi Super packs a 4000mAh battery with PE quick charging technology that can charge the device from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes, while Meizu M3 Note has 4100mAh without fast charging technology.

Why UMi Super battery life time is better?

UMi Super is based on prue Android 6.0 feature for battery life enhancement with three method: RAM Management, Smart battery saving mode, Background task clear system


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