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UMi Super's 2nd OTA pushed! RAM management is even smarter than Oneplus 3's

2016-6-21 22:33| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 6503| Comment: 37

Summary: UMi Super's 2nd OTA pushed! RAM management is even smarter than Oneplus 3's The second OTA update arrives for UMi Super has just been pushed since the first one released last week . We think a number ...

UMi Super's 2nd OTA pushed! RAM management is even smarter than Oneplus 3's

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The second OTA update arrives for UMi Super has just been pushed since the first one released last week .

We think a number of you already have the device in hand, you’d be happy to konw the manufacturer is keeping optimization the software experience .

Here we go, here are the first 7 things to do with the UMi Super second OTA update!

1、RAM management is even smarter than Oneplus 3's

The most high-lined feature about UMi Super is a new function “Background task clear” which you can customized how many APPs you would like to run or closed. We think this is even smarter than OnePlus3 management system with 3 APP running at one time limited.

Recently,OnePlus 3 has exposed “fixing” its RAM management to have a superficial speed. Later, Care Pei OnePlus con-fonder admit on the Tweet “there’s still lots to explore.”

UMi has explored the soft management early, and now the team has a good solution use on the UMi Super to enhance the experience in tasks management - “Background task clear”.

In the second OTA update, “Background task clear” has been added into "Setting", You could set up a white list for an individually tailored task management. When it’s turned on, remember make your own white list or you will receive your message delay or only when you turn on the app.


2、Fingerprint accurancy fixed

However UMi Super is equip with a  rear fast fingerprint scanner, t, the new software has allow you 20% overall enhanced with 360°  unlock accurately!

3、 Camera optimization

UMi Super implement a 13MP camera by Panasonic which is feature with high-speed camera and great low light imaging while other phone only focus on performing in the daytime.

Again with the new software optimized ,the auto focus speed and that is even faster then the first version.

Low light imaging is improved up to avoid noises down to 25%. You can now capture a pure black sky and see it clear then ever.

4、Touch screen optimization

UMi Super has a 5.5 Sharp screen that friendly with your eyes. Update the sensitivity of touch screen makes your experience smoothly and fast, such as surfing or tpying.

5、Battery lifetime supports up to 10hours screen time

Trust me, if you have ever tried UMi Super PE+ fast charging, you wouldn’t leave it.With the latest software update, Packed with 4000mAh SONY battery and partner PE+ fast charging ,Super battery offer you 10 hours without worry about energy running out.

6、virtual button setting moved to quick manual

Its another enhance in customer experience. UMi product manager find out that most of people need to switch the virtual / reality button in life.So it would be convenient to move the function to the quick manual.Its seem like UMi keep exploring to make a good product to the users.

7、Wifi connection optimized

This improvement let you WiFi easiser connect in the tough environment .It show 20% speed up to recognized the available networks.

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quote juvanta 2020-4-16 18:36
I think this is one of the best models that Umidigi has introduced . I have bought this and I am so much happy and satisfied with the product. There are many interesting features to this. The camera is so perfect, the speed is just mind-blowing.
quote alanabui1 2020-3-10 11:54
Thanks for your helpful sharing. I have read that knowledge very much, it gives me a lot of things.
quote hungrysir 2019-12-30 14:11
marcoxcosta: I'm having the same issue
me too!
quote thao33622 2019-11-27 11:27
wow, it's wonderful
quote Marcovilha 2017-2-23 09:11
Salut Umi, j'ai reçu mon "Umi Super Euro Edition" le 28/09/2016 et je n'ai eu aucune mise à jour depuis alors que ma fille en a eu 2. Elle est passée à Android 7 il y a 2 jours. pourquoi je ne reçcois aucune notification de mise à jour sur le mien.,
quote mohtasim 2016-7-3 15:04
After using it for few hours i came to know the screen lacks a bit of sensitivity, really annoying when writing. Disappointed with the touch screen.
quote parman 2016-6-27 14:52
Blutooth sometimes disconnects .
quote Thommy69 2016-6-27 14:28
GPS very bad. Navigation hardly possible
quote Bharath3010 2016-6-25 19:46
After 2nd ota update I am facing many issue wathapp does not work properly, it takes more time to charge as I tested from 56% to 100% it takes 1hr 10mins and no vibrate feedback on real buttons when it is in vibrate mode or do not disturb mode, if any miscalls comes in lock screen it shows only number not contact name and touch response is very slow we need to touch little bit hard. I hope you will be fixing these issues in next updates.  Thank you
quote loulouthebest 2016-6-25 18:10
hello to 4th days of using a note on the reception 3G / 4G and sound.

1/improve the quality of reception 3G / 4G phone sometimes switches to 3G as 4G quality and good signal with good couveture networks in paris.

2/the speaker sound and low and sound without speaker's ear and low appeal also should be just an update to this increased thank you.

otherwise the phone and very good quality just update for small detail not wicked :)

thanks you
quote loulouthebest 2016-6-24 09:52
My message to umi engineer for improvements.

1 / update improved photo for the camera and the camera zoom in

2 / update French language because of parameter without written in English.

3 / the speaker sound low and must be increased very important I count on you.

4 / sms notification should be answered from the notification sms up in the banner notification

5 / dropped a can more brightness when not using the automatic brightness sensor.

thanks you
quote loulouthebest 2016-6-24 09:42
Hello everyone

then the update I received after configuring my phone at the first startup.

for the third day of use I met no problem
I tried the camera the day the weather was very sunny picture quality and good no particular problem in maximum zoom the image should be improved photo with up-to-day software the camera works well no cares.

the battery was 54% at the end of very good day autonomy.

ps: Prevents down your battery has less than 10% each time you go killing the battery cell and decreased in performance especially if you go all the time has 0% battery.

when you made a bet has deactivated days ota fingerprint and pin code will avoid the bug in the implementation of a instalation days before making up days has removed applying plane back !!! his will avoid that the system will force closes when the reboot to install up to days.

My fingerprint sensor doesnt particular problem sometimes I have to do it 2 times for his walk otherwise nothing special
quote marcoxcosta 2016-6-24 06:13
AYMAN1980: Touch screen problems on the last update, the touch screen on their own and do not respond to
I'm having the same issue
quote marcoxcosta 2016-6-24 06:12
AYMAN1980: Touch screen problems on the last update, the touch screen on their own and do not respond to
Confirm that mine is having the same issue
quote danilx 2016-6-24 02:14
Hello, I would like to know if a new firmware will be relesse after this one to solve the following problems:
1. With third party app , for example open camera, the camera preview is very dark and it is not possible to control the camera parameters. Only with the stock camera it is possible to control the camera parameters.
2.The phone switches to 3g even if 4g signal level is good enough in fact if I force 4g only in engineer mode the bars of the signal are almost full.
quote llopez.91 2016-6-24 01:07
When go out this OTA?
quote loulouthebest 2016-6-23 17:50
Hello, I received the phone yesterday so I configured the phone wi-fi for the first use I have not had a problem I received even a 67mo updated in ota I did the setting a day wi-fi battery fully loaded no problem today reported second day the phone has no problems like battery charging all night and it remained 96% without problem.

a remark I used the camera should do an update for improved image quality thank you picture
and the French language in full there are parameter in English thank you for an update.

by counting on you !!!!!!!!

no problem fingerprint sensor
no problem just a photo software for improving the quality of the photo.
Battery hold on
do an update language french thank you
quality worthy of the iphone or samsung.

thank you very much

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