The Toughest dual protection smartphone: UMi London is officially listed Today!

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Summary: The Toughest dual protection smartphone: UMi London is officially listed Today! Afer a huge succession of grand flagship UMi Super, UMi has listed the ...

The Toughest dual protection smartphone:  UMi London is officially listed Today!

Afer a huge succession of grand flagship UMi Super, UMi has listed their new phone today —UMi London, claimed to be the toughest dual protection phone.

Learning from the UMi London’s slogan Toughest Dual Protection Smartphone, it can survive a drop from maximum 6M with UMi London protector and 1.5M without any protection. Thanks to an unique technology- DG Twin-Shield developed by UMi which use Dual Glass and 3M double coated foam tape to protect your phone without breaking risk in normal life.LONDON-防暴_03.jpg



Specification, of course, doesn't tell the whole story of the phone as there is more to the actual experience than just technical spec.  For example, we have seen London have a stylish and premium look like a high-end flagship. It seems to have a very comfortable grading.


UMi London currently price at $69.99, discover more about check here:

UMi now also launched “Ultimate High-Tech Giveaway Everyday”, giving away 15 UMi VR BOXs and 5 UMi Super phones. Grand prize winner will get a set that content 1 UMi Super phone and 1 UMi VR BOX.

Join now at here:

Full spec:

UMi London

Extra features

2.5D Arc screen

DG Twin-Shield:Dual Glass protection


Android 6



and weight


160 g


5.0" 1280*720 pixels



MTK MT6580 Quad Core 1.3Ghz


8.0MP Sony IMX149 camera

2.0MP GC2365


and RAM

8GB storage



2050 mAh


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