Top 5 interesting features of UMi Super aim to enhance user experience

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Summary: Top 5 interesting features of UMi Super aim to enhance user experience UMi Super is the most popular flagship phone latest in the internet, which is pack with flagship-grade CPU from Mediatek Helio P1 ...

Top 5 interesting features of UMi Super aim to enhance user experience

First Look at My first 4GB flagship killer:

UMi Super is the most popular flagship phone latest in the internet, which is pack with flagship-grade CPU from Mediatek Helio P10, 4GB RAM from SAMSUNG support upto 256GB extenal memory, 4000mAh battery from SONY with latest PE+ Quick charging technology, USB Type-C by FOXCONN. Panasonic 13MP camera claim to be a speed camera. 5.5inch SHARP display sunlight screen for better vistion in the sun. Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, while it’s expected to be on Android N in the future.

Yet, revealed by UMi website yesterday, there’re 4 interesting features of Super, aim to enhance user experience:

The most practical Sunlight display

UMi Super intergrate Sunglight display by SHARP manufacture, which adjusts Pixel-level contrast for screen clarity in bring conditions. What's remarkable about this technology is that it only adjusts the darker pixels, leaving the lighter pixels the same. 

Custom button: Vitural or Physical button, Right or left all in one

UMi Super plays by your rules. Customize the functions of your device’s navigation buttons to build a smartphone experience tailored to you.  

Learn more here:

Personalized settings - Smart key:Short cut of your most used APP/ Mute your Super

Focus on what’s really important. Bringing new control to devices, our unique Smart key is a simple and intuitive solution. It allows you to set up any most used APP to this short-cut for your convenience. Or long press to mute all the sounds immediately for important meeting. Learn more here:

7 colors Skylight notification, Your way

UMi Super’s notification light is sitting along with the home button. It light up the home button to notify you.  It allows you to cusomize different color of the light for any notification. For example, Missed call for Red, message for blue, what’sup for purple. You will notice excatly what is it coming from withtout lighting up screen as soon as you see the color

The Price Juggernaut

UMi has tasted success with its strategy, pack the phone to the brim with the latest top of the line hardware and price it half to the competition.

The affordability associated with the phone is something that makes the buyers chip in for the device and the fact that it shares most of its innards with say other premium flagships makes it a sweet deal. The $250 sticker price seems to be well justified for. Not to mention there’re a $70 off coupon you can get while it’s on presales period, we think there is very little that can go wrong.

You can find codes here:

Or subscribe at here to redeem one:


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