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UMi Super International Giveaway!

2016-5-13 20:53| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 1987| Comment: 10

Summary: UMi Super International Giveaway!After official announced full specification of UMi Super, UMi now is opening a questionnaire with giving away this Super phone. You can now join here.UMi Super is the ...

UMi Super International Giveaway!

After official announced full specification of UMi Super, UMi now is opening a questionnaire with giving away this Super phone. You can now join here.

UMi Super is the upcoming flagship from UMi after their success with UMi TOUCH, which is smartphone features with numbers of well-known brands as component suppliers to guarantee bring out the MAX positive performance of each part. It’s made with Aerospace-class aluminum unibody carries a 4000mAh big battery. Octa-core P10 4GB RAM with 256GB extend memory. Android 6.0 out of the box.

UMi Super will be available to be pre-order by May 23rd for $249.99. However, you can now go to the website and subscribe with your email, you will then receive a $70 coupon code to pre-order when the presales starts.


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