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UMi TOUCH disassembly: Beautiful from the outside to inside

2016-4-21 21:47| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 7906| Comment: 135

Summary: UMi the China smartphone maker who has made a pretty big splash as of late with a number of their devices the UMi Touch.UMi TOUCH is designed as a full metal unibody with CNC cutting edge with front t ...

UMi the China smartphone maker who has made a pretty big splash as of late with a number of their devices the UMi Touch.


UMi TOUCH is designed as a full  metal unibody with CNC cutting edge with front touch ID.The strength and durability of metal, in a luxurious gold or silver or dark grey, makes UMi TOUCH so irresistible. Keeping 4000mAh big battery in a 8.5mm slim body shows the perfect combination of art and tech.

We wonder how does it look like from the inside? Today we take you to the inner tour of UMi TOUCH.

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