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How to make power bank in smartphone - [UNDER 1 MINUTE!]

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Summary: How to make power bank in smartphone - (Video link: The smartphone maker UMi company has uploaded an interesting video on their youtube channel showing how to make power ...

How to make power bank in smartphone - [UNDER 1 MINUTE!]

(Video link:

The smartphone maker UMi company has uploaded an interesting video on their youtube channel showing how to make power bank in to their latest flagship smartphone UMi TOUCH.

UMi TOUCH is one of the few smartphone pack with a 4000mAh big battery and a nice build body, claiming for a one full day usage for the heavy user and a lighter user can easily have the phone for two days without charging.

Let’s check below video to see how they turn two giant power banks to UMi TOUCH.

(Video link:

From the video, we can see that the UMi Touch will come with a CNC aluminum metal body and curved edges for better grip.

The strength and durability of metal, in a luxurious gold or silver or dark grey, makes UMi TOUCH so irresistible.

All CNC aluminum crafted, ingenious combine a large battery 4000mAh. The front fingerprint scanner sit perfectly on the right spot of the screen.

Seamless, flawless.

Curved all around the edges, makes your UMi TOUCH comfortable grip that feels natural to fit right in your hand.


The other feature of the phone is the front fingerprint scanner that seems like a most-of-flagship must have. Because it seat at the place where our thumb natural rest. Yet it’s unlocking speed is as fast as 0.1S.

As for Camera, UMi TOUCH is using an unique sensor from Sony, the 13MP SONY IMX 328. Include front flash led  at the front 8MP camera and dual flash led at the rear.


Coming to the specs, the UMi Touch flagship comes with an octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM on board and 16GB of expandable storage 128GB. The phone looks large in the video, owing to its 5.5-inch FHD LTPS display which has a better optimization for its battery life. Moreover a vanilla Android 6.0 Marshmallow stock is a plus.

Do you own a big battery life smartphone? Share your number of  the longest time you have it without charging.

Comment at the post and get great deals over at

(Video link:


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