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UMi TOUCH Shipping dates update

2016-4-2 13:09| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 5934| Comment: 15

Summary: UMi TOUCH Shipping dates updateDear UMi Fans,First of all we would like to thanks to who pr-ordered UMi TOUCH. 50,000 units was sold based on statistics of March. We feel the greatest love from you bu ...

UMi TOUCH Shipping dates update

Dear UMi Fans,
First of all we would like to thanks to who pr-ordered UMi TOUCH.
50,000 units was sold based on statistics of March.
We feel the greatest love from you but also sorrow.
This unusually large number of orders which disrupted our normal delivery schedule.
We are sorry you did not receive your package as promptly as you expected.
To serve you better and faster, we are already busy expanding the production including weekends and holidays.

Here we’d like to keep you update with the latest shipping dates.
1.Second bunch of production will be delivery to re-sellers in the coming week.
2.All pre-sales orders estimated to be fulfilled by 12th of April.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused and look forward to filling your future orders in timely manner.

UMi Team


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quote CourtneyPerkin 2019-11-14 19:52
Amazing features and attractive appearance of UMi TOUCH compelled me to purchase this smartphone. Website is greatly helping students in their assignment. But I have seriously regretted my decision of purchasing it because it has some serious quality issues.
quote UMI_FAIL 2016-4-26 04:23
Lo de la sorpresa por la alta demanda es la pera. Con el dinero que gastan en publicidad y el gigante que tienen detrás, suena a broma.

EL importe por envío urgente (que ya me dirás la diferencia cuando el terminal va a tardar en salir del almacén lo que está tardando) ya es casi casi de estafa.
quote fuegolin 2016-4-14 01:42
UMI greetings

You are taking many orders , I'm glad they're doing much order your cell UMI TOUCH . But I made an order on 2016/03/29 in the coolicool Shop licensed For You have been a long time shopping and have not received any response from them, I hope you can give me an answer about my purchase my order number is 20160328778810 Store in coolicool .

Thanks in advance
quote fuegolin 2016-4-14 01:42
saludos UMI

Ustedes estan atendiendo  Muchos pedidos, me alegra que esten haciendo mucho pedido de su celular UMI TOUCH . Pero hice un  pedido el 2016/03/29 en la Tienda coolicool licenciada Por Ustedes ha pasado mucho tiempo de la compra y no he recibido ninguna respuesta de parte de ellos, espero que puedan brindarme alguna respuesta sobre mi compra mi numero de orden es 20160328778810 en la tienda coolicool.

Gracias de antemano
quote XPICK 2016-4-6 03:20
Dear UMI DIGI reported quality issues shipped Umi Touch, can you confirm this?

"Hi Customer,

We cannot ship the umi touch to you now.
The UMI company ( recalls all his umi touch phones becasue of its serious quality issue.
So we won't send you the defective phone.
sorry about this, do you want to change it into other phone or prefer a refund?
thanks for your support.
Sincerely apologize to you. "

What's happening?
quote AlexDV 2016-4-5 18:25
Dear Umi Team!
Urgently give comment on the situation with the store Tomtop.
The longer you are silent, the fewer customers you will have.
Tomtop states that the quality of umi touch is very poor, and they sent all the phones you back in the factory.
quote jora 2016-4-4 18:04 reported quality issues shipped Umi Touch, can you confirm this?
quote claudiuionel 2016-4-4 14:47
I just hope that all this waiting time to worth, not to be another disappointment as Umi Zero was ...
quote Franksingh 2016-4-3 23:16
Dear UMI Team would the Gold color be shipped by April 12th, I ordered mine from on March 19th and was supposed to be shipped on March 25th. I was notified by them last week that it will not be available for another 2 weeks or so.

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