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I confirm all information provided is my own; I understand and agree it will be used as per the ... Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 4G Smartphone Global Version 6.3 inch MIUI 10
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UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 pro are on the road to revolution in the smartphone industry. The only difference between them is the screen display material. UMIDIGI Z1 comes with an LCD screen while Z1 pro comes with an AMOLED screen. This proves that user preference is taken into consideration by the company.
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umidigi, please use IGZO or even better use LTPS made by SHARP for type LCD...brilliant screen types
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The UMIDIGI Z1 will probably have the LCD screen , and the Z1 pro the Amoled screen but what processor for these phones? Why is there 200$ more for the UMIDIGI z1 pro? I hope they will have Snapdragon 835 or 821.