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quote ampva301 2022-6-21 07:36
Umidigi is clearly improving. I ordered several of their items for my young bridesmaid to try out. I believe it is functioning well because he is not whining about the phone. |
quote jnkent 2022-6-6 16:37
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quote ampva301 2022-5-13 07:36
This was a lot of fun to read. Perhaps cheap phones are now strong competition for Samsung and Apple. Not all people can afford flagship phones.
quote ryanpete 2022-5-11 11:21
Umidigi phones are upgrading. Sturdy and heavy built for longer use. I was able to witness their upgrade. The specs and overall quality is quite good.  -
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quote KellyP 2022-3-6 23:39
Umidigi is definitely stepping up its game.
quote jordan143 2022-2-28 20:41
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quote ClaudeHuxley 2022-2-22 15:34
You need that 4GB of RAM to be coupled with a good processor and graphics to actually get good performance from your phone. RAM is worthless if the other components aren't good enough.

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quote BlakeParker 2022-2-18 15:26
Looks really slick. Maybe Samsung and Apple have another strong competitor.

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quote jnkent 2022-1-25 15:38
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