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quote Phingers2001 2023-11-30 00:29
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quote mattergarboard 2023-6-26 12:24
I usually relax with online games.
quote andree23 2023-5-23 17:02
It could potentially be a power-saving mode or display setting on a device that uses Super AMOLED technology. Super AMOLED is a display technology known for its vibrant colors and high contrast levels.
quote shara123 2023-3-27 11:14
The third OTA (over-the-air) update for the UMi Super sounds like it's bringing some exciting new features, including the Super Amoled Style ultra saving mode. This mode will likely help extend the battery life of the device by reducing power consumption and optimizing display settings.
quote JedHunze 2023-3-12 13:43
quote finaine1 2020-8-19 15:20
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quote akatrolia 2018-2-21 14:38
unable to switch on my phone pls help.
quote noelport 2016-11-3 20:11
I'm not sure  whether it was the latest update or not, but my Super is not working right. Wireless turns off a few seconds after I turn it on, The Data connection comes on automatically even after I turn it off, the brightness sensor keeps turning my mobile to dim even though I turn it off. The sound is hardly audible, etc. There are so many problems, I could fill this page if I continue. Please UMI Administrators correct all of the bugs and provide a new update. Otherwise, you are going to loose all of your present and future customers.
quote ocv1269 2016-8-15 23:41
This Update ROM contains secured boot images (locked/Unroot) for Banking Apps ??? (ex. Entrust OTP .. etc)  Is too important resolved that issue.
quote GlennVandendijk 2016-8-12 04:46
OzBlueDragon: From reading all these comments I&quot;m not keen to do the latest OTA Update! I've tried 5 times to do the wireless update and every time it says FAI ...
I ahd the same, Try removing the SD and SIM card. It worked fine for me afterwards. Hope it helped.
quote megabor 2016-8-5 17:17
The fingerprint reader has worked, and I wanted to reset deleted, but you can not! This can be szoftware error? Wait for the next update, or to complain?
quote AbouHaRga 2016-7-30 14:33
GPS good
Disconnect Wifi and take time to connect again
Battery Drain before this update it was good
quote kaneda 2016-7-29 21:58
this is not possible de play normally on Pokemon Go with the UMI Super because of the GPS...
So is it possible de solve the GPS Problem with the next update or is it a hardware problem?
quote caengourou 2016-7-28 16:22
I don't know if it is linked to this ROM but my microphone doesn't work when I am calling... but works well with what's ap or skype. I need your help...
quote alvsropensado 2016-7-24 23:57
I think that the settings buttton should be a miultitasking button, because I think that more useful. And also I have the sensation that the battery endures less
quote Semy 2016-7-19 19:34
The most important things STILL to be done:
- Draining the battery for WiFi
- The quality of GPS positioning
- The quality of pictures taken by the camera
quote OzBlueDragon 2016-7-19 11:51
From reading all these comments I"m not keen to do the latest OTA Update!
I've tried 5 times to do the wireless update and every time it says FAILED! with a dead Android on the screen!
Please let us know if you will do a review of this update ASAP.
quote CaptainTom 2016-7-18 17:52
I don't see any improvement in GPS reception - the best accurancy I can achieve when standing still is 19ft which is significantly worse than my Oppo Find 7a(9ft) and SGS3(12ft). And ofcourse I am not using the UMI's plastic hard-cover because it is jamming signal quite a bit(can't get a fix with it attached).

Camera focusing is faster than before however the picture quality is same as before, which means poor(both of my other phones take much better photos). The only thing that improved on the photos is that these are not so dark as before.

Wi-Fi battery drain - as experienced by many other users, once switched ON, wi-fi will keep consuming battery no matter if it is in use or not(on/off). That is quite a significant issue as it stands for 27% - 30% of the total consumption. So many people are complaining about this but UMI stays quiet about it and gives no advice except bence who suggest to factory-reset the device after updating. Mind you I don't find that a good solution - losing ...
quote kaneda 2016-7-18 03:12
bencebacsi: Your ide will be considered. It depends of the possibility of the hardware.
Thanks a lot for your answer :)
I hope it's possible to do it, it will be very nice!
also if the speed of the blink circle can be set, depend of the types of notifications or it can be set as we want,
for example: 3 or 4 types will be enough "slow pulse blink (the one we have now)" ,  "quick pulse blink" , "flash blink (no pulse just blink)" and "no blink (just light circle on)" but for the "no blink" possibility to set the intensity of light...

Sorry maybe I ask to much (hahaha ^_^)  but I think this is a good smartphone with many possibility of design and option with this light circle so I just communicate my ideas.
this is the Smartphone of "Tron universe" ^^
quote dejvocko 2016-7-17 03:36
GPS without any improvement, Camera as well!!!!!!!!
quote bencebacsi 2016-7-16 10:40
Drakaliham: Since the last OTA there is a clear issue with battery drawning. The main problem is that WIFI consumes even when it is switched off. And this drain t ...
I suggest you to process a factory data reset after the FOTA update and try to test your phone again. You can go back to an earlier version by flashing it with SP Flash tool but we don't recommend that. You also can flash the latest version with SP Flash Tool, that might give the best result. Link:
quote bencebacsi 2016-7-16 10:37
kaneda: is that possible to make the &quot;tap light circle&quot; to wake up the phone? (or double tap the circle) that will be so nice! cause always the refl ...
Your idea will be considered. It depends on the possibilities given by the hardware.