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quote katewick 2019-6-28 18:44
I used this phone, it was good to view  Political News visit
quote Ferns 2017-2-24 02:21
UMI Super quick charge worked only for a few days.  After that would take 10 to 15 hours to charge from 10% to 100%. Even worse battery drain with Android 7.   The battery drains from 30% to zero % within 5 minutes without even using.  I am looking for a 2nd phone for my wife.  Will never buy a UMI again.
quote udareaniket 2016-7-11 13:52
Umi super obviously.
quote bumthimble 2016-7-8 01:32
galaxy s7 edge is 3600 mah but i still prefer UMI Super :)