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UMi touch users have a piece of good news in this blog post. First OTA update has just came for them. Thanks for sharing this blog page with us. You can see here get ways to quality task easily. Now users can update their versions and can enjoy new features with ease and comfort.
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quote XPICK 2016-4-6 03:20
Dear UMI DIGI reported quality issues shipped Umi Touch, can you confirm this?

"Hi Customer,

We cannot ship the umi touch to you now.
The UMI company ( recalls all his umi touch phones becasue of its serious quality issue.
So we won't send you the defective phone.
sorry about this, do you want to change it into other phone or prefer a refund?
thanks for your support.
Sincerely apologize to you. "

What's happening?
quote patrykqopos 2016-4-5 22:55
Pandelas: 1.0 ampere charger, im starting to regret that i have preordered, cheaper phones supports 1.5 or 2 A charging :( Btw thats some great news
I think that Umi Touch can afford 1.5A or even 2A charging. Remember that slower charging is better for battery performance, especially when people got their phones charging all night long. Personally I've got 750mA and 2A charger, when I don't need my phone to be 100% charged in short time I use slower one, but when I need my phone to be charged fast I use 2A one.
quote Pandelas 2016-4-4 23:17
1.0 ampere charger, im starting to regret that i have preordered, cheaper phones supports 1.5 or 2 A charging :(
Btw thats some great news
quote AlexisTM 2016-4-3 06:04
I can't wait to get it ! :D