UMi Plus V3.02_20170407 transitional version

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UMi Plus V3.02_20170407 transitional version

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This is the SP Flash Tool release of the
V3.02_20170407 (transitional) version Android 7.0 firmware for UMI Plus

Atention! It is a transitional, not officially approved version, available in flash tool format only.
You may install it at your own risk!

Flash tool operation is recommended for experienced users only. Do not use it if you cannot understand the whole process!

Always flash this ROM as 'Firmware Upgrade', not 'Download Only' if you are upgrading an Android 6.0 system!

(Known) Changelog:
  • Error report of power-saving mode fixed
  • Dialing issue in Russia region fixed
  • Faster fingerprint unlock

SPFT Resources:

Flashtool tutorials: UMI Forum or androidxda guide or YouTube guide (you can google a lot of other solutions and guides)

ROM: 20170407_c239v55_kw_u3.rar - Extract the .rar file before use. The scatter file (MT6755_Android_scatter.txt) is inside the extracted folder, together with the other elements

VCOM driver: Windows 10 already automatically can install it or you can use this: MTK_Driver_Auto_Installer_SP_Drivers_20160804.exe

Here's an optional solution to start the flashing process on your UMI Plus if the standard method doesn't work.
It's especially useful if your phone is bricked or is stuck in bootloop
1. Connect your UMI Plus to USB.
2. Start the flashing process with the Download button in the flasher app.
3. Press and keep pressed the power button of your phone until the flashing process starts (red bar appears at the bottom of the app window), then release it. In this process you have to keep the power button pressed for about 10 seconds.
4. Wait until the flashing process finishes.







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Edited by CUASAR at 2017-4-22 18:10 \n\nCould they work on ?:

- in the battery saving options you can only customize "my mode". Possibility to add more new modes. Include the option of "silence or vibration"

- A recovery of Umi to be able to make a backup, cleaning or install .zip or reestablish of factory.

-include message of battery charge type "normal charge or fast charge"

- include root option hidden in the development options or with some hidden code or a system information method.
-When you connect with a voice call you have vibration. Can only be disabled in "mtk settings" - "misc feature config" - "vibrate on outgoing call connected". There would have to be an option to disable it in call options or sounds.







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How about doing something to fix the major issues
1. GPS location jumping like a spike randomly
2. Fingerprint unlocking without finger
3. Ringtone resetting to default after turn off

These have all been issues since the 20161229 firmware update with no sign of an update or even admitting there is an issue!

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Novascape replied at 2017-5-23 07:03
How about doing something to fix the major issues
1. GPS location jumping like a spike randomly
2. F ...

We are sorry for your inconvenience but those are not general issues, so we cannot admit something that's not present.
I suggest you to flash this ROM with SP Flash Tool in Firmware Upgrade mode but if that doesn't help, you should contact your seller to make your phone repaired or replaced.
About the ringtones, you should copy your ringtone files to the Ringtones folder of the internal memory. Don't load them from the SD card.The GPS is a different story. Its not perfect reliability is a known issue of the Helio P10 SoC, so it's not related to a specific phone model and not even to this brand. Regarding your own environment (location, networks etc.), it can be better or worse but it's not possible to further improve it by software.







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What about fingerprint issue?
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Ashu replied at 2017-6-6 22:51
What about fingerprint issue?

There are no fingerprint issues generally in any version, except the earliest releases. If you ask that again a hundred times, that won't change the case. If your fingerprint scanner doesn't work properly, you should contact your seller to repair your phone.
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