Battery drain / No battery

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Battery drain / No battery

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I need some help with my Hammer S. I bought it 8 or 9 months ago, it worked fine until it started having battery problems 2 weeks ago.

I bought a USB 3.0 cable and I started using it, and the phone started to it started getting tricky for the phone to recognize the cable even it's plugged in
Well, that wasn't a real issue, I just had to bend the cable in a random and it came back to normal.
Some days have passed, and it started getting worse, the battery was draining really quickly.
I took a look at battery settings, Phone Idle was taking ~30% of the battery ! Ok no worry.
It became worse and worse, up to 130% (yes it's possible).

Impossible to get my phone to charge, when plugged, it didn't charge, it even discharged sometimes ! I guess my AC adaptator was not powerful enough, the only thing able to charge my phone
was my powerbank that was more powerful (5V 3.4A).

Nothing to do to stop battery drain, I tried battery saver, safe mode, uninstalling apps and even factory reboot !

But then, yesterday, nothing. Battery went to 0, and no way to charge my phone. Not even a lightning appearing on the screen when i plug it, nothing ! No way to turn it on, I don't know what to do.

I need help, if someone knows what's going on, please, how to get it back to work, I really need my phone, could it be the 3.0 cable sending too much power (that would be idiot from UMi to not put a security about it), a short circuit, or something like that ?

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