Giveaway—UMi Super EURO 2016 Edition

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What do you expect to have upgrade from UMi Super EURO Champion Edtion?
If you have a chance to design your own Champion Edition!
Comment at below with your suggestion, we will choose 1 winner to get one UMi Super EURO Edition for free!
Share the giveaway to your FB, twitter, Google+, instagram...or invite your friends to join will get more chance to win!
Time: July 5th-11th

SUPER 营销配图0628.jpg

Current features of Umi Super for your reference!
Know more about UMi Super:
Thank you for your support!

Thanks for all your support!


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Oleksandr Post time 2016-7-5 22:24:39
Edited by Oleksandr at 2016-7-11 17:23 \n\nGood afternoon! With brand UMI I encountered a year ago, it was Umi Iron Pro, I used it half a year after a good use, I decided to buy Tach, the phone was even better and more beautiful. I realized that will only buy brand UMI always. UMI makes good phones, high quality and not expensive. And the most important that the qualitative. A month ago I decided to buy a super UMI and I understood that the phone will be even better, even better quality and filling.
As soon as I got my super phone, I was as happy as he filled the phone casing and filling it, and most importantly the low cost of the product. I use the phone for 2 weeks and just get a kick out of this phone and the brand as a whole. The phone has a large screen and high-quality 5.5 Ful HD, 4 GB RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB. Good battery 4000 mAh, very long phone's battery such. Fresh Android 6.0 pleases me as a user quality UMI phone.
The exterior design and the metal case is made with high quality and expensive, but the price is lower than the competition. I believe that the UMI few competitors, the price and the quality is better in UMI.
I will recommend Super phone to their friends, relatives because I am sure that everything will be just happy.
I've already bought a Super 3 UMI in the official store at aliexpress.
Three phone relatives bought one myself. I am very pleased and happy. Thank you for the wonderful phone.
My dream is to get UMi Super EURO Champion Edition special phone version.
I wish you long years of prosperity and strengthen its position in the global market. Let the number of your customers is growing exponentially, and profits every year fills your bank account so that you will not have time to spend it. I wish you happiness, success and a little luck. Let all conceived plans are always carried out and brings you more income and moral satisfaction, and customers will be happy to be served only to your enterprise.

Thank you for your phone, you give people joy and good product.
Link to draw on my page

pierrot08 Post time 2016-7-6 23:38:12
Edited by pierrot08 at 2016-7-6 23:39 \n\nSo if I were to design my very own Champion Edition then these would be its specs.

- SONY 5.5" IPS 4K Ultra HD Triluminos and X-Reality            
              - Corning Gorilla Glass 4
Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad-Core @ 2.2GHz CPU

GPU - Adreno 530 GPU


Sound System - ASUS Sonic Master 3.0 High-Res Audio with 2 Front Facing Speakers
Rear/Primary Camera - SONY 23MP Exmor RS with Hybrid Laser Autofocus and Dual Tone LED Flash

Front/Secondary Camera - SONY 21MP with Laser Autofocus and Dual Tone LED Flash

Battery - ASUS 5000mAh Li-Polymer with BoostMaster Fast Charging Tech

USB Port - Foxconn USB Type-C 3.0

Fringerprint Sensor/Scanner - MicroArray 4th Generation 3D Fingerprint

Connectivity/Network - 4G+ Dual SIM Standby and Dual 4G network capable

Build Quality - Full Aerospace Grade Alloy Frame

Operating System - GOOGLE Android 6.0 Marshmallow

But then again, the UMi Super Euro Champion Edition is already a beast!

dino551 Post time 2016-8-8 14:05:00
Hello im a UMI SUPER Winer
but no one has contacted me. : (((
I never got my phone ..
I do not know why the prize draw if you do not think to give the phone to your winners
sacz Post time 2016-7-11 11:18:55
The "Super" is perfectly named as it has got the perfect hardware to accompany any power user like me. The only thing I could think of upgrading is to make the "Super" waterproof, as the monsoon season started just now where I live. And even the color and design on this Euro Champion edition is rich looking. It is not too fancy but is neat and elegant, I love it!
Kristianj94 Post time 2016-7-5 19:45:49
Absolutely love this phone! The only improvement would be a small German flag badge on the back
Ahmed_Eid Post time 2016-7-5 19:50:01
UMI SUPER EURO 2016 EDITION is perfect as well.
I like the design you showed us in there pictures, but I'd rather go with a more subtle edition, like some color that doesn't pop as much as that blue does.
vbraval Post time 2016-7-5 19:36:10
in the Upcoming UMI SUPER EURO 2016 EDITION has to 6gb RAM becuase the New LE ECO and and Other upcomong Brands mobile will give 6gb RAM 16MP Rear Camera And 8Mp Front Camera. should be .
Other All Features are Perfect.. (y)   i like it..
MaJing87 Post time 2016-7-6 04:57:29
I would love to see a DECA-CORE in the new Umi Euro2016 Edition! Such an elegant phone, the new Super. I love Umi so much that I made the text art below. <3
ferdz Post time 2016-7-7 09:14:39
I expect the following to have upgrade from UMi Super EURO Champion Edtion:
1. Stock Android
2. 4K HD video recording
3. DSLR-like manual camera controls
4. RAW capture

It's a perfect upgrade after that.
rjainbwr Post time 2016-7-7 17:05:32
Edited by rjainbwr at 2016-7-7 21:43 \n\n
I want in UMI Super
1. The Best Camera (Super Camera)
2. Dual Sim & TF Card
3. 64GB ROM
4. 6GB RAM
5. Light Weight
6. The Best Attractive design
7. Super AMOLED Display
8. True Non Breakable Display

I already promote your this giveaway in 200+ facebook groups and many many blogs, twitter and facebook page. If you give me email then i send you all shared url list so you check easily.
maniper Post time 2016-7-5 19:30:35
This UMI SUPER EURO 2016 EDITION is perfect as well. Very beautiful the blu color.
mladen17 Post time 2016-7-5 19:33:09
I expect from this upgrede on Mi Super EURO Champion Edtion to have a back cover with Euro 2016 participations flags.
fmarci93 Post time 2016-7-5 19:34:53
This looks sick, but I'd change some colors..this metal finish is awsome only in the colors of the Hungarian flag!
nevetsg Post time 2016-7-5 19:39:05
Gotta love that blue and it has very nice specs but a higher res AMOLED screen would be nice.
johnybr99 Post time 2016-7-5 19:42:27
I like the design you showed us in there pictures, but I'd rather go with a more subtle edition, like some color that doesn't pop as much as that blue does. Maybe a bit darker variant? I need to take a moment and congratulate you, UMI. You totally reconstucted the mid-range smartphones with your UMI Super, which is mid-range only with it's price. It's truly amazing what you have accomplished and don't stop with it, keep making smartphone market better. Best regards
jannesschrevens Post time 2016-7-5 19:43:04
Very Nice phone! Really love it! Wouldn't change a thing!
jk441 Post time 2016-7-5 19:49:52
Edited by jk441 at 2016-7-5 19:51 \n\n:O looks beautiful would love to win this! If I could make a change I'd make it Red! ;)
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