Weekly Giveaway of UMI OFFICE Store to Repay UMI Fans!

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Weekly Giveaway of UMI OFFICE Store to repay UMI fans!
UMi OFFICE —Your First Choice For UMi Smartphones!

1, Join in UMi community:
2, Write a comment on UMi Office Store( about why you choosed UMi Office Store to bought your UMi smartphone and your order number(We will contact with the winners by order number.)
    Attach photos of your smartphone, it will increases the chances of winning.

Time of Giveaway: Every week
We will choose 3 lucky buyers every friday to get $20 Coupons, which can be used on UMi Office store without limits and coupon's effective time will be in one month.

Lets join in it now!

The first edition of 3 winner: (order number + name)
74267119473395   Xavier Garcia Sanchez
73782566923176 Mihail Fiorini Masalski
73918412674892 Vladimir Cheredov

The second edition of 3 winners:
(order number + name)
74607204182019 Natalia Yashchenko
74860612933563  Roman Biryukov
74618558510615 Alex Adami

The third edition of 3 winners: (order number + name)
74792259020884  Anna Goldberg
75193513158332 Shabardin Aleksandr  
75078610348214 Dmitriy Zaytsev

The fourth edition of 3 winners: (order number + name)
74862186413751 Vasilii Kuznecov   
75083544514923 Kristina Chebotnikova   
75373273655951 Evgeny Seregin

The fifth edition of 3 winners: (order number + name)
75738903886391 Aleksandr Polyakov
75703122064276 Sergey Gorshkov
75586708086768 Richard Goh


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