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Thank you for your support! We are giving away our best selling phone UMi TOUCH for fans now!
Full metal unibody
Front fingerprint scanner
4000mAh massive battery
5.5" 2.5D Arc Screen
Sony IMX328 13MP
Octa-core 3GB RAM
Android 6.0
microSD up to 128GB
Dual SIM Dual Standby

Know more about UMi Touch:
Video introduction:

How to take part?
1. Log in and Comment below the post to tell us your view of UMi Touch.
2. Like UmiOfficial or VK.

Prize: one Free UMi TOUCH!
UMi will choose one winner to get it on May 6th!

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UMIadmin Post time 2016-5-7 11:24:58
Congratulation! The lucky winner is @louisinspiron!
Please send us FB message to get your prize!

Thanks for all of you!

Join in to get $70 coupon of UMI Super:


congrat!!! amazing  Post time 2016-5-11 05:45
Thank you so much for giving me the chance of win this giveaway. I have sent you a message to your FB page. My name is Luisito Lezama. I will wait for your reply. Thank you so much UMi ❤  Post time 2016-5-7 12:15
louisinspiron Post time 2016-5-4 10:44:42
Edited by louisinspiron at 2016-5-6 19:44 \n\nI want the UMi TOUCH because I love the good work they did to design it, I love it metal, besides taking into account the views of many people to create, it seems incredible that the screen is so large but at the same time so awesome, I also like that you can have multiple operating systems on the same phone even I love it because with only 3 gB of RAM to run heavy games without lag, or having a camera of 13 megapixel Sony that if it sounds good plus a front camera 5mpx sounded very boring because I've seen on many phones but including a frontal flash? That is quite impressive, and I'd love to have that phone, and I've been seeing reviews and many things about this terminal, I've shown coworkers, friends, family and everyone thinks it's one of the best phones there are 2016, are also made impressive these 4000 mah battery you have to safe does not end in anything and can stand a day without problems, besides having Android 6.0 directly from unpacking, I have not seen any phone that has so excellent caracteríasticas with such excellent price in a long time, I always wanted phones but this really caught my attention, metal design, its front and rear camera, Android 6.0, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, expandable, dual sim and .. I have not written because I do not know how exactly, but I love a lot more because it has a scanner FINGERPRINT super fast, I can not believe that such characteristics as impressive as amazing but cheap, and still give it away is better I did not hesitate to participate because he was thinking of selling some of my things to buy this, really is impressive, I showed it to my friends and family and even they are thinking of buying, really is beautiful, dignified, impressive and I can not complain about anything about him.
It's a great phone, my siblings and I are very happy with the phone, we have no reason not to be, especially for the price point. Thank you UMi for givingaway the UMi TOUCH, you always do an great job making new amazing phones, again, THANK YOU UMi!
Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your time.
I enjoyed writing this, I hope I get selected.
Also I made an pretty drawing about the phone


The pic says fly me and super fawt  Post time 2016-5-6 17:39
Seems to really want this phone, the picture is a little weird but it shows that you want.  Post time 2016-5-6 11:26
I loved your picture, I hope you win, friend!  Post time 2016-5-6 10:28
I hope you win!  Post time 2016-5-6 10:19
Amazing drawing and many words, would not surprise me you won.  Post time 2016-5-6 10:10
Mosie.neakngen Post time 2016-5-4 20:28:44
Hello Umi and Umi fans, if you know what great quality for a low price looks like then you definitely know know that the metallic Umi Touch is the best offer yet. With its power 4000 mAh lithium-Polymer battery and 5.5 inch display screen, it is no wonder why it's so popular. Gamers, like me, can enjoy the powerful graphic performance of the MediaTek MT76753 which has 8 cores of central Processing Unit (CPU) and 3 Graphics processing unit (GPU) and a MASSIVE 3gb of RAM that is a critical for users who want the best. There are 2 sim cards that's really handy if you're using the same phone for work and general use, but the thing that is really convenient is the ability to swap one of the sim tray for a micro-SD card up to 128gb! Since I only use one sim card, I found this utility very useful. The phone also rumors (and actually proven by many you-tubers) a speedy fingerprint scanner that can unlock the phone in 0.1 seconds! This fast scanner is proven to be faster than the much more expensive iPhone 6s which took a staggering 0.3 seconds. The software used by this product is the latest version of Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system. It features a 13 megapixel primary camera with a 5 megapixel front (which surprising has a led flash on the front as well as the back). Overall, this phone is sure to be one that can boast with its stunning performance and well as features it has got to be the best metallic phone of all time.

Thanks for your time in reading this review of the phone. After hours of watching reviews about the phone on Youtube and seeing one of my friends owning one, I was amazed by the Umi Touch so keep it up guys! I hope I win!
Thanks again and Good Luck to whoever wins the phone.

Yours sincerely,
Mosie Neakngen


I definitely agree! Go U or ME. Get it? UMI  Post time 2016-5-6 17:51
With this much dedication, Umi has got to pick him/her to win this.  Post time 2016-5-6 17:48
Great description. Although you don't have a picture you definitely deserve to win this prize. Go YOU!!!!!  Post time 2016-5-6 17:38
Whoa! That's a whole load of words. I wouldn't be surprised to see you win!  Post time 2016-5-6 00:16
SpookySkary Post time 2016-5-5 21:35:53
This phones looks 2 spooky 4 me. Vote me for presidanto.
This phone is awesome and I know it. So pick me. LOL. Pls support me and I will support U! We Need YOur SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DontEatAnimals Post time 2016-5-5 21:07:17
I really want a phone, pls pick me. I will support who ever supports me.
UmiHasTheSWAG Post time 2016-5-5 21:23:38
This phone looks awesome


radical drawing  Post time 2016-5-6 00:15
radical drawing  Post time 2016-5-6 00:14
DontEatAnimals Post time 2016-5-5 21:07:43
C'mon, don't be shy
SpiderMonkey123 Post time 2016-5-5 21:50:51
This phone looks awesome.
Please pick me, I've always dream of owning a spectacular phone and nothing seems to be as good as this.
Keep it up guys, U are super awesome and it would really make my day if you pick me.
plandream Post time 2016-5-4 03:45:59
That is a nice phone right there...
Goodcat49 Post time 2016-5-4 04:09:28
This phone is not the best, but quite good
oviabhi Post time 2016-4-26 15:33:13
Superb features at awesome prices thats UMI


Great smartphone. Exclusive, contains suggestions of community. Even large manufacturers should listen more to consumers  Post time 2016-5-1 23:56
tamonegdje Post time 2016-4-26 15:12:05
I am owner of UMI Emax mini. So i believe that UMI created Touch with same or better quality to satisfy all needs of their spoiled customers. Well done UMI.


Great smartphone. Exclusive, contains suggestions of community. Even large manufacturers should listen more to consumers.  Post time 2016-4-30 03:08
farfaconda Post time 2016-4-26 15:13:17
It's a great terminal, has the best with a small price, the perfect combination!

The latest android, a perfect camera, a big battery, and a impresive design!!
matpal Post time 2016-4-26 15:37:10
Phone looks amazing, the specs are incredible for the price. Would be awesome to have this phone so I can try out different operating systems like windows phone without switching devices.


Great smartphone. Exclusive, contains suggestions of community. Even large manufacturers should listen more to consumers  Post time 2016-5-1 23:58
Icarus06 Post time 2016-4-26 15:39:39
Edited by Icarus06 at 2016-4-26 15:42 \n\nTo kick this post off, I would like to say that my brother, sister and I are using the Umi Emax. We're all very satisfied with it's performance, endurance and size.

For me the things that stand out most about the Emax are it's great battery, the screen size and the processing speed. The battery is crazy, it beats pretty much all good phones by a landslide. The screen size is great for my big hands and the speed is something I value a lot being a techie.

For the Umi Touch, I can't say I have any hands on experience but from what I have read it sounds great. The 5.5inch 1920x1080 display is something I am familiar with and love, the octa-core (this is great) processor and the 3GBs of RAM are both more than sufficient for anyone interested in using apps such as games or emulators. The fact that the phone comes with Android 6.0 is huge too since rooting a phone and finding a proper version online can be a hassle.

For the looks, it's a sleek looking phone with an, in my opinion, great looking metal finish, I think Gray looks the best. It kind of reminds me of the Galaxy phones from Samsung, these phones look great and a lot of people are familiar and comfortable with this look.

The camera is good, honestly don't know a lot about cameras but the specs seem alright. Fingerprint scanner is also a useful feature, not having to put in a pin every time you unlock your phone will make the experience a lot smoother.

To round it all up:

It sounds like a slightly different version from the Emax, having used the Emax I'll list a couple of pros and cons, look at it as user feedback.

-Screen size
-Screen vibrance
-Metal finish
-Processing speed, beats a lot of high end phones that cost 5x more

-The camera unit stands out from the backside of the phone, very common in phones so not specific to the Emax
-Speaker on the back of the phone. Front facing speakers are much better, but since the entire front is covered by touch screen I understand why this was done the way it was

It's a great phone, my siblings and I are very happy with the phone, we have no reason not to be, especially for the price point.

Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your time.
I enjoyed writing this, I hope I get selected.

Yours faithfully,

mokrejbandita Post time 2016-4-26 15:56:33
Edited by mokrejbandita at 2016-4-26 15:58 \n\nI have bought few Umi phones to my family (Hammer, Hammer S, Iron Pro and Emax) and till now every1 is really happy with them. Only one thing I miss on Emax is the Android Lolipop update we still waiting for. But in means of phone quality, design and parameters I think its one of the best otions when looking for mid ranged phone for nice price.
I already ordered Umi Touch on Tomtop with that 70$ discount, but there was some problems with that eshop so I canceled the order and now I am waiting for new models on market. Maybe I will gice a shot for Umi Touch once more, or maybe I will win in in this giveaway. We will see.
I really like the design of the Umi Touch, as well as the huge battery, the fingerprint scanner and really hoping for some test of the camera. Because even when many other phone manufactures starting to use the P10, x20 etc. I think i dont need it and I am ok with a little bit outdate MTK6753, I just need a good camera (my little baby was born, so need good camera phone). I am also amazed on the software optimalizing from Umi side keep up guys.
The only thing I miss on Umi Touch is the quick charge possibility.

mladen17 Post time 2016-4-26 15:57:54
Can you imagine a smarphone that has everything you need? Some time ago I couldn't. Can you find a full metal unibody, 4000Mah battery and fingerprint sensor on just one smartphone? Yes, thanks to UMI you can! When you add to it 3gb of RAM, 13mpx amazing camera, FHD display and latest android software, you get a perfection in your hands! Umi TOUCH is best smartphone currently on market because it is perfect. I saw many UMI's Rome X in my communtiy but never had opportunity to have one UMI, especially perfect as TOUCH is, because I am unemployed. Once again thank to UMI, and TOUCH will be mine sooner or later, because it is my dream phone!
genvarev Post time 2016-4-26 16:58:35
Great smartphone. I like UMi Touch!
AlexisTM Post time 2016-4-26 17:07:35
This is the best actual cheap phone on the market ! A great gift !


Simply G_R_E_A_T!!!  Post time 2016-5-2 01:47
Great smartphone. Efficient money, certainly among the best around.  Post time 2016-5-1 23:54
I like the OS which is almost stock android  Post time 2016-4-29 22:51
It's very cool and amazing 100% purified heavy metal syndrome! LOL, I like that phone very much!! But i don't have money to buy. Hehez. Good luck to all!! :)  Post time 2016-4-28 18:08
"My precious" : super téléphone, beau et caractéristique au top  Post time 2016-4-28 16:06
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