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Dont buy at

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Edited by bobekfpj at 2016-1-23 05:40 \n\nHi

Want to hear something fucked up?I bought UMI Iron in july 2015 and I received the phone in September.It burned down (battery or usb port) after 1 day of usage.
It didnt charge and it just went dead.
The gps was broken and I sent it back for warranty.

Bangood claims they send it to UMI factory for repair but factories do not repair phones - it looks like they kept the phone and tried to fix it themselfs.
After many months they finally told me they will send new phone instead of my broken one.They have sent it on 28th of December.
I received it today and imagine my surprise when I received a USED phone.
No original packaging, no charger, no cables, nothing, just the phone, clearly USED.

Now, you probably can imagine I was pissed off but i got really pissed off when looked at the phone and I found the SKU number and word test on a stiker.
I started to investigate the SKU that was on the phone.I found this  -

So yeah bangood have sent me phone that formerly belong to d3evill - that is really fucked up.
Fucking worst store ever​
So on top of the fact that UMI Iron is not that good and has many flaws (just look at this forum) and it is not that cheap, so on top of that I need to deal with store like bangood.

I said it before and I will say it again, this is first and last time I bought UMI phone.
And this is first and last time I use bangood store.I will try to get my money back by raising a claim at paypal but I dont know if 6 month old payment can be revoked.

This post is to warn other people that are using this store.







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@bobekfpj: The SKU number is banggood product number, not the banggood customer number.
My experience with banggood is good, their customer support service responds fast, and solved a few issues very well. The products however can be sometime disappointing, like the UMI brand, but that is not up to Banggood, that is UMI. The Xiaomi phones are very good, and well supported.
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