[Users sharing] Technology Used in the Backend of Many Websites

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[Users sharing] Technology Used in the Backend of Many Websites

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You may wonder about how the backend of a website works. You are able to share contents and people are able to see in and place comments on them and they are able to share the contents to their social media. You are able to create an account in some websites and it stores your name, username, and password. We can wonder about the technology ensuring that one username is not used twice. There is a backend program to store the data in the database of the website. The working mechanism of the back end programs can be a bit complex to understand.

Backend Languages

There are many languages that can be used to make the back end of the website work. Some of the most popular ones are Python, PHP, Laravel, Node js, Ruby on rails and many more. These languages are used to build some of the most popular websites worldwide today. PHP is used to run the backend process of Facebook, Wikipedia, Quora and many more. Python coding is applied on Youtube, Google, Quora, Dropbox and many more. The backend languages are responsible for the functionality of the websites like account creation and logging, content posting, commenting on posts, liking a post, searching for contents in the website. They are responsible for taking user data to the database. Ajax is used for live chatting features on many websites. Cookies are used to restore the input user gave last time they visited the website. Cookies are implemented on a website to enhance the user experience of a website. Backend languages can be used to search contents on the internet and compile them as results. An example can be a news aggregator websites, hotel rates comparing sites, online pricing comparing sites and others.


There are databases in the backend of websites where the data of the user are stored. The login credentials are stored in the database of a user. When a user inputs login credential a query is run to search the database and if matching results are found the user is allowed to enter the system. Most popular databases are MySql, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. There are many other databases that can also be used on the website. The proper security of the databases is required for safekeeping and privacy of the users. Many protective features are enabled to ensure that user data is secured.

Local Development Environments

Local development environments is an environment for developers to develop the website locally in their home desktop or laptop. In this environment, the server is not live and is stored in your computer server locally. It doesn't refer to any physical locations. Developers work locally on their computers than fix codes in a live server. This is to not cause an interruption in the regular use of the website. The most common local development hosts are XAMPP, Wampserver, and Laragon. Local servers are used for website development and especially for the backend. They are used to fix bugs on the website and sometimes to enhance the user experience by updating new features on the website.

To be a backend website developer can be a very good career choice. The demand for backend developers are constantly rising as businesses need website development and upgrading constantly.
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