How much we overpay a flagship smartphone

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How much we overpay a flagship smartphone
(UMIDIGI S2 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S9+)


Several days ago Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ was revealed on MWC, undoubtedly, it became the 2018 Android flagship smartphone. As the uncomfortable rear fingerprint placement of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ received many user complaints, Samsung moved the fingerprint under the rear camera on Samsung Galaxy S9+, sporting a very similar design of UMIDIGI S2 Pro. Here’s the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S9+ and UMIDIGI S2 Pro. Let’s take a look.


UMIDIGI S2 Pro was launched in August 2017 with slogan “World’s first 2-day lasting full-screen smartphone”. It features an 18:9 full-screen display, 5100mAh big battery capacity, and just weight 186g. While the Samsung S9+ with 3500mAh battery weighs 189g. UMIDIGI S2 Pro has a symmetric design, that Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ don’t possess.


Besides all that, the most important difference is their price tag. The S2 Pro is much more affordable than the new Samsung flagship  Galaxy S9+. Almost 4 times less as it is currently on offer for just $279.99. You can get it here.

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