Umidigi s2 root

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Umidigi s2 root

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Edited by Jimi at 2018-1-17 05:08 \n\nCan someone please explain how to root my phone
I would like to delete some malware aplications from umidigi
I dont care about waranty
(If there is one at all)
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Umidigi S2 have installed pure Android 6. There is no such "malware" etc.
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Here you have full explanation and instruction how to root umi /umidigi phones.
There is no possibilities to root Umidigi devices with Umi OS!!!!
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kajsa_katt replied at 2018-1-18 04:33
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Umi OS is protected against roots. System developers made such decision.
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kajsa_katt replied at 2018-1-21 03:04
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Yes, Efuse partition protection is applied, that makes it impossible to modify the raw data partitions, only the EXT4 partitions (system, cache, userdata) can be modified. Since Android 5.1 only systemless root can work, so that's not possible to root your phone if the boot partition cannot be modified. On Efuse protected devices non-certified (modified) boot or recovery images cannot be flashed.
However, the S2 is not a UMI OS device (no Efuse protection), so you can get root access with Magisk Manager, or you can use the CWM recovery + SU installer shared on the page linked by Marcin here some comments ago.
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