UMIDIGI Crystal V1.0_20171204 NEW ROM - SPFT + OTA release

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UMIDIGI Crystal V1.0_20171204 NEW ROM - SPFT + OTA release

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This is the SP Flash Tool + OTA release of the
V1.0_20171204 system software
for UMIDIGI Crystal 2GB

This ROM is only for the 2GB version with MT6737T SoC and new screen hardware. The screen still can work on older devices but with lower quality.

Flash tool operation is recommended for experienced users only. Do not use it if you cannot understand the whole process!
UMIDIGI Crystal receives all updates automatically via FOTA method. You need this tool only in case of emergency (if you've bricked your phone), if you want to apply a clean install or if you want to clear all root access and custom recovery to make your phone able to receive FOTA updates again.

  • Minor bug fixes

SP Flash Tool

Extract the .rar file before use. The scatter file (MT6737T_Android_scatter.txt) is inside the extracted folder, together with the other components

VCOM driver: Windows 10 already automatically can install it or you can use this: MTK_Driver_Auto_Installer_SP_Drivers_20160804.exe

Here's an optional solution to start the flashing process on your UMIDIGI Crystal if the standard method doesn't work.
It's especially useful if your phone is bricked or is stuck in bootloop
1. Connect your UMIDIGI Crystal to USB.
2. Start the flashing process with the Download button in the flasher app.
3. Press and keep pressed the power button of your phone until the flashing process starts (red bar appears at the bottom of the app window), then release it. In this process you have to keep the power button pressed for about 10 seconds.
4. Wait until the flashing process finishes.

OTA (recovery) update
Manual (local) OTA update method instructions
  • Copy the downloaded .zip file to either the internal memory or the SD card of your phone
  • Go to Settings --> About phone --> Wireless update
  • Tap the 3-dot menu button at the top right corner and select Local updates
  • Brows for the file and select it
  • Tap Install now, comfirm the process with OK and wait until the process will be finished

Update file for manual OTA update: >>>>> <<<<<
It can update version 171019 only
WARNING! If your device is rooted, first you have to unroot it before performing an OTA update or the update process will fail!

Optional method (in case if the manual OTA update gets stuck): Install from recovery
You need a microSD card (with at least 4GB capacity) installed in your phone!
  • Copy the file to your SD card
  • Press and hold the volume-up and power buttons together until your phone restarts in recovery mode. It needs about 10 seconds or a little bit less if your phone was already powered off.
  • Here you can see a lying android figure with an exclamation mark in red triangle on its tummy and ''No command''.
  • Press and hold the power and vol-up buttons (in this order) together, then release them to call the recovery menu. Now you can move with the volume buttons and select an item with the power button.
  • Move to ‘Apply update from SD card’ and select it.
  • On the next screen brows for the update file and select it. The updating process will start and needs a few minutes to be finished.
  • After a succcessful installation you can read the ''Install from sdcard complete'' message and the receovery menu is available again.
  • Select 'Reboot system now'. Alternatively you can perform a factory data reset here by choosing 'Wipe data/factory reset'

Kind request from users:
Please report any kind of new issues you experience after installing this update only if you've already flashed this ROM with SP Flash Tool in Firmware Upgrade mode. In rare cases a FOTA update can cause more or less serious malfunctions but that means only the update process went wrong, not a badly developed ROM. An updated stock ROM, especially related to the basic functions will not cause any new issues but will solve some of the existing ones







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I got an issue with the update.When a notification comes the notification lights keep lighting up and down untill i reboot the device.I had cleared all the notifications but still the light getting on and off
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Shahin replied at 2018-4-29 17:22
I got an issue with the update.When a notification comes the notification lights keep lighting up an ...

Try to open the call history. Phone --> clock icon --> 3-dot menu button in the top right corner --> Call history.
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