"Think outside the box" Contest to win one CRYSTAL for free

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"Think outside the box" Contest to win one CRYSTAL for free

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“Think outside the box” Contest to win one CRYSTAL for free
2nd Stage


Our contest on umidigi.com/page-umidigi_crystal_activity.html has been finished and the 20 best stories are selected. We apologize for the delay.
Now we ask you, our community to choose your favorite story and vote for it. The winner (writer of the story with the most votes) will won a UMIDIGI Crystal for free.
Each story has its own number, so please choose the related number on the voting board, check it, then click on the Submit button.
This poll will finish in 7 days - check the timer. Thank you for your cooperation.

The stories:

raf****@gmail.com 354401F
The lady went to the airport loan office and asked for 1000Euros credit, so the guy at the desk asked if he had a bank account, she replied "No, but I have my car, its porsche, you can hold it if you want" ... so the loan guy took the keys To the car, gave her a loan, and a week later she went into the office and asked for a car, and when she paid the loan and interest, the guy in the office asked: "Hey, you know I made a check about you, and it turns out that you are a Billionaire, why do you need a loan of 100 euros? " Another loan official got a car out of the parking lot, and when she drove by car, she replied to another official, "do you know how much it costs parking at this port by Porsche for a whole week?

ase****@gmail.com 352141F
I couldn't sleep, so I realized,
That my brain is totally unorganized.
That chaos is so overwelming, I can't control
Should I think less? Should I think more?
I counted the sheep, I prayed to God
Nothing was helping, nobody to talk.
I'm so furios cuz the ticking of clock.
Suddenly I realized how blessed I am,
Sleeplessness shouldn't be painfull
I have all day and all night to Jam.
So I wonderd happily around the place
around my block
this how you think,
out of the box.

mah****@arihant.com 358184F
Box Full of Kisses (Love)
Some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.
Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, “This is for you, Daddy.”
The man became embarrassed by his overreaction earlier, but his rage continue when he saw that the box was empty. He yelled at her; “Don’t you know, when you give someone a present, there is supposed to be something inside?”
The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and cried;
The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and he begged for her forgiveness.
Only a short time later, an accident took the life of the child. Her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.
Moral of the story: Love is the most precious gift in the world.

uni****@gmail.com 357666F
There was a boy who lived on the unknown pacific island, right on the far side of sleeping vulcano. Every morning he was watching the horizon  expecting something and day after day nothing was there...
But this morning something was different. Sky was clear and visibility was very far.  That thing on the horizon slowly started getting shape. Is it a ship? Are they going to rescue me?  
He started thinking off all the things he will do if they save him... All the places he was going to visit... This day started just perfectly...
But boy....
How little does he know....
It's hard to type on this little and very old phone... I'l finish story later when I get new phone.

mar****@gmail.com 357259F
Well...i think a concept can change the world. The evolution of science and humanity himself is created by people who have lived in the belief that they are more different than the rest of the people, and have tried to think differently to change something, to do things and dream about ideas that no one have ever done before. Most people think limited and submissive, but if you have the power to think differently, get your head ''out of the box''... and think that you can overcome your limits and fulfill your dreams, then you be definetely be a winner. If you have the energy, the skill to change something in this world, to look beyond the limit, then you "Think outside the box". That motto makes you think about your dreams and goals, and makes you whant more every day. Bravo UMIDIGI team, I wish you success!

mar****@gmail.com 352181F
Not being afraid to look silly sometimes is one of the ways that I "Think outside the box".
Once while halfway thru a haircut a radio crew, who was on location at the store next door, announced that the next person to walk through the door would win a prize.
So I stopped the Barber,  excused myself telling him I'd be right back, walked out of the barber shop and right into the store with my half  of head of hair and barber's cape still on. I won a t-shirt.

mos****@gmail.com 357216F
My story is really big, but i will try to make it short:
Something about the outside the box - is like something about me: I was leaving my life happy and without any mind to move somewhere and than one day my girlfriend say to me that i can take opportunity and try to go work on the cruise ship. At the first time i didn't believe that i can get some job on the cruise ship traveling around the world and receiving a little bit more money than i could image... So i was no so much expecting to get the job because of my knowledge of English. But i went to make interview and I don't know what kind miracle happened but I pass. And already in few month i arrive to the ship which was waiting me in the Canada (Vancouver). I had joined the ship with the very poor knowledge of the English. But there day by day i was working talking with people asking them each of the words what's mean, please can you explain etc... And than by this way I got good knowledge I improve a lot. And after few contracts I met another girl and I fall in love with her, even if she been from the Brazil I couldn't stop my self.. After few month being together I must go back home to Ukraine to vacation, because my contract finish. And even this didn't stop me. We were continue chating calling each other talking all the time even being so much far from each other. And after 13 month continue stay on the long distance we decide that i'm coming to Brazil. And this day came. I arrived to Brazil almost 2 years ago. without any knowledge of Portuguese. And do you know what's happened the next? I got good job in the IT area, we are married already 8 months, we been in Ukraine together, she met my family. And we continue be together. Strong and going together in this life step by step with shoulder by shoulder. With sure about our feature, about our family, about each other, about our choices.
This is some part of the real story from my life.

nic****@gmail.com 356545F
I was driving home, in torrential rain, one evening after work. I was half way through my 25 mile motorway commute when one of my window wiper blades snapped off, leaving behind only metal clips. I tried to continue my journey but by this point the rain was bouncing off the road and whenever the wipers would come on the metal would score into the glass wind screen making the most awful noise. I tried to drive without using the wipers but after a couple of seconds I had no visibility. I then pulled onto the hard shoulder of the motorway to gather my thoughts and calm my nerves. I was then hit with the idea of wrapping my sock around the window wiper to protect the wind screen from the metal cutting into it. After doing so, I tested my experiment and it worked! I then set back on my journey home.
Two years later I still have the deep score in my wind screen remind me of this difficult commute and quick thinking solution.

div****@yahoo.com 354044F
To think outside the box? UMIDIGI itself is the evidence for me that it is possible. Why should technology be something only accessible for those with huge amounts of money? The world gets more and more connected, we reach out to more and more people, we care more about the problems of others. Technology brings us together, technology is building bridges across all continents. If more companies like UMIDIGI would appear, the world would be a place where everyone can learn, experience and achieve greater things. With companies like this, phones like the Crystal, it is made easy for everyone to accomplish greater things. The most incredible ideas would be unseen and unnoticed if people wouldn't be connected. Everyone can do great things, everyone can think outside the box. But to do so, to spread our ideas across the globe, to get others to believe in us, we need to believe in our ability to spread technology. We need companies like UMIDIGI, phones like the UMIDIGI Crystal which themselves are exceptional and special. New ideas are worth to be shared, they can help humanity solve its problems. Great technology is not determined by the huge price tag it has, it is determined by the greater vision the developers have had when designing it. If i would have a UMIDIGI Crystal,i would be inspired by the pioneer work the developers have done with this phone, i would explore the world with different eyes, with those of the Crystal one.

stu****@gmail.com 353984F
I stay in Mumbai In India...where trees are already been cut for more buildings and Infrastructure...i used to blame system...but last year i participated in tree plantation drive and planted trees..this is my way of saving environment by "Thinking outside the box"

m0a****@gmail.com 353574F
Since I first saw "Umidigi Crystal" I was interested and I thought, how beautiful this smartphone is, and also how brave beyond the limits of other smartphones or think outside the box. By looking at premium low-price smartphones, I am becoming more inspired with this smartphone, its borderless design, showing its broad mind, transcending the limits, being different from others and affordable. It also inspires me, if anything beautiful does not have to be made with the expensive, with creative ideas then creates something that is high class with affordable price. This reminds me that during this time many people my age think limited, they just depend on their parents money. Their parents are rich, they become rich. Whatever they need is always met. While I am not a rich kid's son, but I always try to "think outside the box", I always try to go beyond my limitations. When I want something, I am saving my daily allowance that is well below standard for days or months. I also always think creatively by making crafts and I sell in the store online or offline. So I do not always ask for money to my parents. To buy this umidigi crystal I also collect my money for 1 year, but I keep following this lottery, I hope, if I become one of the winners, I promise to donate all the money I collect for 1 year for social activities, I will also try Help Umidigi promote Umidigi Crystal with YouTube Channel. I'm sorry for my bad English, GoogleTranslate

Ten****@gmail.com 353444F
Back then I was a fairly blunt fellow who only thought about what was happening in front of him in a physical sense. I never gave thought to other people's problems. This had gotten me in to trouble many times. Of course, my mom will have had noticed.
She then told me; If you don't like people, don't think about them. Just think about what they can do.

a****@googlemail.com 353403F
I had struggled to get my children to study, they always asked why they needed to know the history of a country they would never visit, or why they needed to know about geography, to be fair I could see their point as I had always asked the same question to my teachers and always recurved the same answer... Because you have too!. I decided to think outside the box and it was then that they realized the answer to my own question and theirs... The reason they have to learn these things is not because they are important or that they will ever need them, but that they are learning how to learn, so that in the future they will be able to learn new things and become successful in life. It was thinking outside of the box that has inspired my children to want to study.

sub****@gmail.com 353351F
I woke up, it was dark and cold, my body was in tremendous pain. Why? OH,my, I'm locked in a BOX!!!
What's happening? how come did I end up this way?!
I felt only loneliness, boredom and despair and suddenly it hit me, it was that time of year, Ifruit? came again with another Yph0ne1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8?.
They promised miracles, lots of buzzwords, but, I knew, they put a spell on me, locked me in a BOX.
Why would I allow them to do it? I know better! They even brainwashed me that no 3.5' headphone jack is a good idea!? 1000$ for 4.7 screen!? So, how come I fell for same trick every year?
Then, I realised, I'm locked, my mind is in a BOX, can't move, can't breathe, locked in a boxed ecosystem, all my cherished memories, contacts, pictures, movies, games and music were taken hostage by Appz$t0re.
No more! I had enough, my only hope is change!! NO MORE BOUNDARIES!
I had to break free! So, I started to investigate, I learned about some magical CRYSTAL in Far East that can set you free, CRYSTAL IS THE KEY THAT OPENS THE BOX!
HELP!! Please!!
I'm locked in a BOX, only key out of that BOX is CRYSTAL, please, can you be the ONE who will set me FREE!?

daz****@gmail.com 353308F
Think outside the box, i remember my dream, its change the world, how i do that while all i di is lie in bed, but im just think if i cant change the world ill make my own world, and i found it my world is on Game, where i can be a hero, save people and anything i want

kom****@gmail.com 353290F
Hello, am from the Western part of Africa, things are not really that great over here technology wise, so we have to make use what what we have and can afford.
The location where I reside face great power shortage for months and I hated the government for doing nothing about it. I read somewhere on the net on how to convert waste to electric energy lucky for me there was a huge waste close to my area, using local scraps I could get my hands on, today I generate energy that powers my home. "Think outside the box"

rus****@gmail.com 353285F
Thinking outside of the box means moving outside of your comfort zone and perspective, into a place of challenge and growth. Questioning that which is accepted as conventional wisdom. Sometimes it means overcoming your fears, being innovative, using the tools available to you in unorthodox ways to find solutions. It can be as simple as using duct tape for a butterfly bandage or as complex as discovering new energy sources.

jha****@gmail.com 353205F
During project presentation update on my team, most of the slide presentation is purely or plainly just ordinary slideshow. I learned to "think outside the box" to make a livelier or more interactive presentation by incorporating my basic knowledge in motion graphics. As expected, the discussion of presentation was more attractive and easy to present and convince the audience can easily understand and not just a plain figures or numbers. So the discussion went well and my boss appraised me for that interesting presentation!

6hi****@gmail.com 353202F
Think outside the box.
That should be "IMAGINE outside the box. We only basically know 6% of what  in theory is in the universe .94% is still unknown in the 4 dimensions we know about but can not understand what they really are
There are  in therory another 6 dimensions we will never be able to comprehend.
This is  the BOX  the universe we are in .We can not even  think in out box [universe].
So the concept of THINKING  outside the box is delusional.

mah****@arihant.com 353083F
Cirque du Soleil
One of the best examples of thinking outside of the box comes courtesy of the book Blue Ocean Strategy. In it, the authors argue that we should not be competing with people in crowded marketplaces. We should do the opposite, and create new marketplaces.
My favorite example is Cirque do Soleil. The creators of Cirque knew that it would be impossible to create a new circus to compete with already existing ones. So they looked at ways to create the environment of a circus without all your standard fare: the elephants, lions, jugglers, etc.
Instead of trying to revolutionize the circus, they created a new category of performance art. Using the basic concepts and appeal of the circus, combined with acrobatic mastery and spectacle, they were able to create an entirely new industry.
That is how you break the box. You take two ideas that work on their own and combine them into something entirely novel.

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with the amount of money you have made of the persale there should be more then one winner. And people are not stupid when you say delay that means issues with the phone that you have been building for 6+ months. to top it off you have picked 20 of the best post when there was over 20.000+ post and you still cant pick a winner you need the 20.000+ people to do a voting poll thats a joke UMIDIGI you need to treat your customer's better then that

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Olá espero que a empresa tome nota desse relato que farei sobre o novo smart wathc umidigi gt vamos lá apenas uma sugestão de melhorias
1 atividade antistress
2 lembrete para beber água e também um joguinho tipo da cobrinha sneake peek
3 calculadora e calculo do imc
4  watch faces adicionem algumas interativas e animadas como a mi band4
5 resumo diário programado mostrando o quanto vc consumiu de calorias e o quanto perdeu
6 gráfico com atualização de peso mostrando detalhadamente
7 poderiam colocar um plano de estudos no smart whatch para quem estuda seria ótimo

se tudo isso for possível em uma atualização por favor quero que vocês adicionem pelo menos alguns itens na próxima atualização muito obrigado espero que pelo menos leiam esse comentário .


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