CWM Recovery Carliv V3 installation by SP Flash Tool

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CWM Recovery Carliv V3 installation by SP Flash Tool

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CWM Recovery Carliv V3 installation by SP Flash Tool

To install this custom Recovery first thing we do is download and the tool lower SP Flash Tool:

Umi Carliv CWM Recovery For FAIR:!eIcWFSQT!_nmeaK4Vgg8qnLs3rXZd_SS3yUyiF2QZUKesW44PK-4

SP Flash Tool Tool:!CBsR2Yza!bhuzY3JJVgyP4GSNktbd4fROXmwbvOI4vQIH5gUo1pA

After downloading the two files are decompressed (I advise having the two together in a folder to have them at hand). In the archive Umi Fair CWM Recovery within two files, it is best descompimirlo in a single folder (Extaer Umi Fair CWM Recovery /) to keep them together


First we will open the folder SP Flash Tool, locate the executable you see in the image and we will double click (it is not installed, only run)


It opens the window of the SP Flash Tool program. Seek button where it says Scatter-loading and click on it.


We are now again open a search window where you locate the folder where you downloaded and unzip the archive Umi Fair CWM Recovery. Select the txt file and pincharemos MT6735M_Android_scatter Open


Once the scatter file can see that the SP Flash Tool window has changed loaded. We see that already is marked recovery box so you do not have to do anything, just pop up and then where it says Download our UMI Fair connect the PC with the USB cable. Once connected will press both Volume keys + and Power at the same time. (It is not necessary to have them pressed to connect the PC if after doing so)


When we see a red progress bar appears below, that is when we can release the buttons terminal.


The installation is very quick so the progress bar at the time and then turn yellow we will see a confirmation window indicating that everything went well.


Now if we see that the CWM Recovery Carliv v3 is installed correctly to the terminal will disconnect the PC, then put pressure on both the volume + and Power buttons simultaneously. We'll get a menu that tells us that we press for him to move the volume up key and to select what we will be down volume. Select [Recovery Mode] and will press volume down.

Select Boot Mode-01.jpg

Once inside the CWM Recovery v3 Carliv we can investigate all the options available. To test if it worked correctly I have made a Backup and subsequent restoration. I have to say that everything worked properly and smoothly. To not be any Rom I could not test whether the installation through recovery works so tendrmos to wait to try it.

IMG_20151106_210301.jpg IMG_20151106_210357.jpg IMG_20151106_214645.jpg

All merit for the creator of recovery. I just made this little manual

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Just as an addition: That's much easier to install a recovery image with Rootjoy what is even needed for normal ROM updates, so you have probably installed it already.

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