UMIDIGI S2 | S2 Pro Full Specification reveal!!!

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UMIDIGI S2 | S2 Pro Full Specification reveal!!!

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rayleigh replied at 2017-9-11 06:58
Very URGENT question !!Will the S2 phone be compatible in Italy/eu? Does It have the right band??
Th ...

The S2 and all other UMI(DIGI) smartphones are fully compatible with all bands used in Italy.

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Edo81 replied at 2017-9-11 22:47
Hi all, at least two things are not clear to me:
1. somewere is stated "NFC is in the plans". What d ...

1. NFC is planned to be supported by the S2 Pro Silver Edition only. Its release date is not yet known. NFC needs hardware support, not only a specific software.
2. The S2 is built with SHARP TDDI In-cell (LCD) screen.
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bapje replied at 2017-9-12 05:31
hello Bencebacsi, can you tell me wich LTE 4 G bands the s2 will be supporting? i quess it will not  ...

S2: 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38, 40, 41
S2 Pro: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 19, 20, 38, 39, 40, 41
Both models support VoLTE.
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Tiger replied at 2017-9-13 17:24
Thats A Good Question I would Also Like To Know What LTE Bands The S2 Pro Uses, Can Anybody From UMI ...

Supported LTE bands:
S2: 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 38, 40, 41
S2 Pro: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 19, 20, 38, 39, 40, 41

Now you can put an S2 Pro into your cart, then when the official pre-sale starts, pay the real price.

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Nay972 replied at 2017-9-14 15:52
Hi Bencebacsi  !
I looked at some tests, but they were are about the s2 pro with the HD+ screen.

The Pro version will feature an FHD+ screen, you already can check it on the official specs page here:
The S2 Pro is still planned to be released in October, the exact date is not yet known.
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kajsa_katt replied at 2017-9-14 20:35
Edited by kajsa_katt at 2017-9-14 20:42 \n\n

One question that's very important to me is:

The software of the S2 Pro is still in development, so I can't answer your question at the moment. You can change the focus on bokeh mode photos but that's just a digital effect.
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Kevin007 replied at 2017-9-15 00:01
Does it have Gyroscope sensor ?

Yes, it has.
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ChapinGT replied at 2017-9-15 02:18

Are S2 and S2 PRO builded with Gorilla Glass 3?

Gorilla Glass 4.







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I love UMI phones and I had one last year but it never worked on 4G.  NONE of these phones work in the Western Hemisphere or Americas on 4G as far as I know, neither on GSM nor in CDMA.  Why don't they make a real global phone like the HOMTOM HT-10 that I bought a year ago with Iris recognition, Deca-core, and it is really global; it has ALL the frequencies for all countries.  Don't the UMI engineers know this? Are they idiots? How much more complicated would it be to include all the frequencies like other brands?  I am sure they would sell a whole lot more of phones in the USA and the Americas if they would add all the frequencies we use here.

Just FYI, it took me a while to do this research as accurate as possible.  Here are the frequencies for the major carriers in USA and Puerto Rico:

All frequencies are in MHz.


AT&T - B4(1700 d,e); B17(700 c); possibly also B12 (700a,b); B2(1900); B29(700 d,e) and B30(2300 a,b)
T-Mobile - B2(1900); B4(1700 f); B12(700 a,b); possibly also B71(600)
Claro - B4(1700 b); B12(700 a,b); possibly also B2(1900)


Sprint - B25(1900 g); B26(850); possibly B41(2500)
Verizon - B13(700 c)
Open Mobile - B13(700 c)

The bands in all UMI phones advertised as LTE are:  (B1)2100 / (B3)1800/ (B7)2600 / (B20)800

As you can very well see, these UMI LTE bands DO NOT correspond with any of the USA bands; so if you buy one of these phones, you won't be able to connect to 4G when in data mode; only 3G or 2G.  You won't be able to watch videos and all the other things we require to use 4G.  The most you would be able to do is connect to WiFi if you want to watch movies and do big downloads; and that also depends on the speed of the WiFi you are using, which, in most public places, it sucks.

Hope this info helps some people understand how this works.  As much as I love the UMI phones, their features and their price, I would never buy another one until they fix this and REALLY make it a worldwide phone.  I think it should not be that complicated.  Thanks for your attention.







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What OS will have UMI S2 ???
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