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quote Marksmout 2017-12-17 05:29
Hello support team.

I got a UMI ROME in April 2016. I loved the phone but the battery exploded destroying the phone.
I have been complaining to Wish where I purchased the phone and they just ignore the complaint even though I have sent photographic evidence of both the battery and the phone. This is deplorable action by them which you are not responsible for but the issue is I now have nowhere to go with the complaint apart from the manufacturer itself.
I had asked them in light of Samsung 7 note a well publicised withdrawal of that phone due to exploding batteries could they contact you but they refused stating 30day return policy.
Please respond before someone gets seriously injured.

I look forward to your considered response an will email any photographs you require.

Yours sincerely

Mark Smout Dip He Adg (Open)
quote Leka 2017-12-16 03:49
When you´ll update the UMIDIGI PLUS E to Android 7 or 8? or you´´ be honest and put in you advertise that NO ONE OF OUR PHONES IS UPGRADEABLE ?