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    Eyeprint ID unlock with 3 different pairs of eyes, SAVE!!
    GPS test is never been so fast
    Guest mode to protect your privacy
    Android 5.1 Quick manual start from anywhere, to save your time!
    Fingerprint unlock in 360 angle, FAST!
    Voice unlock is also possible!!! AWESOME
    Skyline notification lighting in 7 different colors, helps to understand what is coming!
    Fire test on Metal body
    Battery test
  • 3000mAH + ULTRA SAVEING MODE > 4000mAH

  • Camera UMi IRON PRO vs Meizu PRO 5

  • Enjoy finely turned music with VIPER4Android

  • The perfect combination of strength and art

  • Display UMI IRON PRO vs Meizu PRO 5

  • Selfie with Front-facing Flash like never before

  • Type-C USB simplify the way we work with devices



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