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UMIDIGI S2 Pro water resistance in daily life and VR experience (video)

2017-12-30 11:33| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 1437| Comment: 0

UMIDIGI S2 Pro water resistance in daily life and VR experience (video)

UMIDIGI released its latest flagship, the UMIDIGI S2 pro in December, and this smartphone is the last flagship from our company in this year. UMIDIGI S2 Pro is equipped with 2160x1080 FHD+ display and a very high, 5100mAh capacity battery. Of course, the ordinary user might have higher expectations for the VR experience on this phone. Also, what about the water resistance rate of UMIDIGI S2 Pro? In fact this model has not received an IP rating since its body is not sealed, the water resistance is achieved by the special nano coating applied on the internal parts.

Recently we released some videos, in which we demonstrated how UMIDIGI S2 Pro's water resistance works in daily life, and why this feature is very important for a not that cheap flagship smartphone. In the following video our company shows the VR experience with UMIDIGI S2 Pro. Let’s check it out now.

Water resistance in daily life

VR experience on UMIDIGI S2 Pro

However, the water resistance rate on UMIDIGI S2 Pro is a daily life rate, it means that, you shouldn’t put the phone into water to do a waterproof test, sometimes the phone may become defective after this. But if you've already done that, you can try to blow-dry it with a hairdryer, and overall your smartphone has a much better chance to survive than without the nano coating technology applied inside.

But how about the VR experience? The result is good, we can get almost 8 hours none stop VR film video play thanks to the 5100mAh big battery. Also the video resolution is not bad, quite good VR impression from UMIDIGI S2 Pro.

If you want a flagship with a good VR experience and also with a water resistance feature, UMIDIGI S2 Pro is a good choice for you. Also our company gives users the chance to choose the system, a full-feature (official) or a much simpler edition for those users who want to customize their own system as much it's possible. On our official forum, already an unofficial (simplified) ROM is available for download. Visit our forum to check all the available software updates for UMIDIGI S2 Pro:

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