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Introducing Face ID on UMIDIGI S2 Pro (Video)

2017-12-12 22:57| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2834| Comment: 3

Introducing Face ID on UMIDIGI S2 Pro (Video)

Facial recognition on UMIDIGI S2 Pro is faster than expected!

In order to fulfill the expectation of our users and achieve the principle of our company, we add facial recognition into the newest flagship UMIDIGI S2 Pro. Here is an official video introducing the Face ID performance on UMIDIGI S2 Pro.

Speedy Face Unlock

UMIDIGI S2 Pro is powered by MediaTek’s octa-core Helio P25, ticking at 2.6 GHz,  LPDDR4X Dual-Channel 6GB Ram with 128GB Rom. There is no doubt that this smartphone is qualified to smoothly run all the necessary apps including the facial recognition ID system. Our Face ID system is created by UMIDIGI developers, it’s a new generation facial unlocking. With the help of sanforized 16MP front camera the phone will be more easily get and remember your facial features. When the smartphone scans your face, the phone will gather more than 128 features from your face. Once you wake up the screen you are activating the facial recognition ID system and almost in the meantime it makes a comparison with existing facial data. This guarantees a quick response and good experience from facial unlocking.

Security and Convenience

The new generation facial recognition also has a high security assurance. Anyone others pick up your phone, it can’t be unlocked. While If you are the owner of the phone even if you're wearing a mask or staying in extreme darkness, you still can unlock your UMIDIGI S2 Pro. That’s an exciting feature of the fresh flagship! Also it’s really convenient when you're wearing gloves and you can’t unlock it via Touch ID, then this Face ID will be really helpful you in your daily life.

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