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UMIDIGI S2 Pro|Bigger Battery, Longer life performance, Lighter in weight

2017-12-12 03:47| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 4100| Comment: 1

UMIDIGI S2 Pro|Bigger Battery, Longer life performance, Lighter in weight (Video)

UMIDIGI S2 Pro Battery life test

UMIDIGI has introduced UMIDIGI S2 Pro smartphone with 18:9 ratio screen and a big battery capacity of 5100mAh. It also supports quick charging which helps the phone to get full charging in 2h 30 minutes. Here company we performed a battery test, in which UMIDIGI S2 Pro was compared with OnePlus 5T.

Both phones were in the same conditions: highest brightness level with mobile data connection and no background apps running. From 100% battery level the tester started to play an online game “World of Tanks”. After an hour, UMIDIGI S2 Pro still had 91% battery, but the OnePlus 5T was already drained to 84%.

Here we continued the battery test battle between UMIDIGI S2 Pro and OnePlus 5T, we performed a one-hour long online video play test, where UMIDIGI S2 Pro demonstrated his dominated position again.

It is worth to point out that UMIDIGI S2 Pro has the same battery capacity and same battery design as the earlier released UMIDIGI S2. Since UMIDIGI S2 gets good feedback from a large quantity of real users, we can also expect a good battery performance from UMIDIGI S2 Pro. Previously we also performed some battery test on UMIDIGI S2, you can check it here:

UMIDIGI S2 5100mAh battery life test, 15hours more from PCMark

A lightweight bezel-less smartphone with big battery

When we talk about UMIDIGI S2 Pro we can add those tags like solid, slim, big battery, powerful, crafted design, bezel-less, full-screen, water resistance, face id and so on.  Yes, UMIDIGI S2 Pro has the best combination between battery life and weight, with its 5100mAh big capacity the phone only weighs 186g, while if other smartphone brands use the same capacity battery, the weight of their product is more than 200g. UMIDIGI S2 Pro is slimmer and lighter than many smartphone models of different brands. On the other hand It shows that the UMIDIGI workers have done an excellent craftsmanship in the field of quality of a smartphone.

Go here to know more about UMIDIGI S2 Pro, or make your purchase here. You can also check out UMIDIGI S2 Pro video.