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Five reasons why UMIDIGI S2 Pro is worth buying?

2017-11-30 04:44| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3878| Comment: 3

Five reasons why UMIDIGI S2 Pro is worth buying?

Design - A Combination of Beauty and Shell

When we purchase a phone not only because we think the design is beautiful, but also we consider it as a beautiful stuff when we see it at the first sight. Yes, the 18:9 6-inch display, the high screen to body ratio, the wider horizon you can get from this display, the 2.5D curved glass, and even the perfect location backside Touch ID, these make the UMIDIGI S2 Pro so beautiful and attractive. As we all know, almost all the beautiful things are not durable, the fragile glass, the blooming flowers and or so. But when we talk about smartphone UMIDIGI S2 Pro, we know it is an exception. The full metal unibody perfectly defends itself against damages caused by almost any kind of external impacts. Also the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 display is more durable than ever before. Furthermore, water resistance is also applied to survive watery accidents. The perfect combination on UMIDIGI S2 Pro makes the phone more like an Influential piece of art, not just a smartphone.

5100mAh - Enduring battery performance

When we're talking about endurance, we can’t skip battery life performance. We don’t want to tell you that there is 5100mAh big capacity available and it can last for 2 days in normal use or even for 3 days in no heavy use. We want to tell you the reality, while UMIDIGI S2 gets thousands of good feedback on the battery performance from real users, considering S2 and S2 Pro own the same capacity and battery design, we can tell you that the battery performance on UMIDIGI S2 Pro will definitely satisfy your expectation.

6GB + 128GB - Smooth performance, Prepared for future

There is no doubt the MTK Helio P25 is quite qualified to smoothly run all the necessary apps in daily life. LPDDR4X Dual-Channel 6GB really big operating memory is built for your expectations. Also with 128GB internal storage you will find future will be easier, there is no need to worry about short storage anymore. When we talk about the storage, we don’t want to tell you the specifications. We want to tell you, don’t be afraid, try to put 32000 photos, 120 films into the internal storage, download 16000 songs or install 2500 apps.

16MP Selfie Camera -This moment more clear

When UMIDIGI Developers still day after day are debugging the 16MP front camera, we know things will become better, selfies more clear. As we expect, now we already get some success in this field: UMIDIGI S2 Pro will not let you down with the performance of the 16MP front camera. Also, with the better front camera, Face ID identifying will be more accurate. We are so excited to tell you this news. Also the combination of 13MP (by Sony) + 5MP sensors on the backside will fulfill your expectations, because we are continuing to optimize the image processing algorhythms.

New technology experience, No-stop Science exploration

Just as a saying goes, “everyone deserves to enjoy the happiness that the new technology takes to us”. When we purchase a new smartphone, we should consider it. And UMIDIGI S2 Pro is that phone satisfies all your expectation for new technology. The Face ID, the fresh operating system android 7.0, 2160*1080 pixels (FHD+) VR film experience, and the water resistance within this thinner handset, all of the new technologies you can experience with the newest high-end smartphone--UMIDIGI S2 Pro.

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