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UMIDIGI S2 Pro disassembly after soaking in water

2017-11-24 05:20| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 3515| Comment: 2

UMIDIGI S2 Pro disassembly after soaking in water

How the internal of UMIDIGI S2 Pro looks like? The inner high-tech beauty

Not long ago we shared a video, in which UMIDIGI S2 Pro performs and bear 30 minutes video play in the water. Following this case, we're publishing another video, in which our specialist disassembling the UMIDIGI S2 Pro after soaking in water.

We can see after soaking almost all the components of UMIDIGI S2 Pro are surrounded with droplet. We can find some information inside UMIDIGI S2 Pro: the battery capacity is 5100mAh and the 16MP front camera with big pupil. If you watch carefully, you can even find the colorful nano-coating protection on the cover of the battery! Thanks for the colorful multifunctional nano-coating protection, the motherboard UMIDIGI S2 Pro is protected and works well after no long time airing. On the one hand, this video shows all the detail how to take apart the UMIDIGI S2 Pro and the good building quality of the UMIDIGI S2 Pro, the almost perfect organization between different components and the inner high-tech beauty.  Now if you have any problem with your UMIDIGI S2 Pro, there is a video instruction

for you.

On the other hand, the video tells us even if every component of the UMIDIGI S2 Pro entirely soaks in water, the nano-coating cover will prevent to have a short circuit. The inner high-tech, maybe you can’t see it in daily life, but it can help your phone to survive different accidents!

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