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How to switch from iPhone to Android, on Samsung, Pixel and more

2017-10-10 14:37| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 1017| Comment: 4

How to switch from iPhone to Android, on Samsung, Pixel and more

You’re finally ready to take the plunge.

Nope, not marriage, a career change or quitting smoking.

I’m referring to hopping over from iPhone to Android, in search of greener pastures. Whether you’re fed up with Apple’s limiting iOS platform, poor battery life, or perhaps you just want a lot more selection in devices –  including Google’s just-revealed Pixel 2 (from $649) or Pixel 2 XL (from $849) – you’re ready to jump ship.

Before you do, however, you’ll want to properly migrate all your iPhone information over. And there are a few things you’ll need to know about Android, too.

This column can help you out with both challenges.

You probably don’t want to manually set up a new phone from scratch, as you’ll want to easily import your existing phone’s contacts, calendar, notes, messages, web bookmarks, and so on.

Thankfully, Android has a way to automate this process – even if you’re switching from iOS to Android – so don’t ditch your iPhone just yet.

Step 1: Download Google Drive

The first thing you’ll want to do is download Google Drive to your iPhone. You’ll find it in the App Store. Sign in with your Google account (such as the email you use for Gmail, and your password). If you don’t have a Google account, create one. It’s free.

Step 2: Back up you iPhone to Google Drive

Once you’ve logged into Google Drive on your iPhone, go to Menu>Settings>Backup, and select what content you want backed up. Now tap “Start Backup.” Make sure your iPhone is plugged in for power, and you have a strong Wi-Fi connection as Google will temporarily upload your info to the cloud. This process can take a few hours, depending on how much info you have on your iPhone.

Step 3:  Sign into Google on your Android phone

Enter your Google account info on your new phone (you’ll be prompted to do this when you set it up for the first time), and be sure it’s the same Google account you signed into on your iPhone (in case you have multiple accounts). Once you do this, wait a while as it will transfer your selected info to your new phone. Your Android device should be connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in for power, and wait for this process to be completed.

It may take you a while to find everything, but it’s here. Access your photos in Google Photos. Your iPhone contacts are in the Contacts app. Look at your events in Google Calendar, and so on.

If you run into any snags, check out

Step 4: A few finishing touches on your new device

Before you sell, trade or donate your old iPhone, be sure to turn off iMessage, as you won’t be getting these messages on your Android phone. Your iPhone-owning friends will need to text you or use another instant messaging app. (Tip: if you own an iPad or iPod touch, you can still read and respond to iMessages there.)

As your apps won’t be carried over from iPhone, it’s now time to go to Google Play on your new device and download all your favorite apps. Many (but not all) will be available for Android, but paid apps will likely have to be bought again. You’ll need to sign into your accounts once again, too, such as Facebook, Dropbox, Uber, and so on. But all your Google apps will be preinstalled on Android, including Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube.

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quote Marksmout 2017-12-17 06:37
Hello support team.

I got a UMI ROME in April 2016. I loved the phone but the battery exploded destroying the phone.
I have been complaining to Wish where I purchased the phone and they just ignore the complaint even though I have sent photographic evidence of both the battery and the phone. This is deplorable action by them which you are not responsible for but the issue is I now have nowhere to go with the complaint apart from the manufacturer itself.
I had asked them in light of Samsung 7 note a well publicised withdrawal of that phone due to exploding batteries could they contact you but they refused stating 30day return policy.
Please respond before someone gets seriously injured.

I look forward to your considered response an will email any photographs you require.

Yours sincerely

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Android is much better.
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Nice article...
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