Take Edge-less Photos with Bezel-less UMIDIGI Crystal

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Summary: Take Edge-less Photos with Bezel-less UMIDIGI CrystalFirst UMIDIGI Crystal Camera Shootouts PresentedUMIDIGI Crystal - Rear Dual CameraUnder the delicate yet solid 2.5D front and back glass covered bo ...

Take Edge-less Photos with Bezel-less UMIDIGI Crystal

First UMIDIGI Crystal Camera Shootouts Presented

UMIDIGI Crystal - Rear Dual Camera

Under the delicate yet solid 2.5D front and back glass covered body, UMIDIGI Crystal is also geared with dual rear camera, and now we are presenting the first UMIDIGI Crystal shootouts. Let's take a look at the photo quality.

13MP+5MP Rear Dual Camera

UMIDIGI Crystal packs with a pair of Samsung 13MP + 5MP cameras. More lights can be absorbed by the dual camera in comparison with the standard single-lens camera, hens better photo quality.

Wider Shooting Angle

In the video we compare the camera shooting of UMIDIGI Crystal with iPhone 6 Plus. UMIDIGI Crystal is able to capture a wider view of the scene than the iPhone 6 Plus thanks to the wide-angle dual camera lenses and the bezel-less screen.

Auto-adaptation for Selfie Mode

In order to make room for the full-screen display, the front camera is subtly placed on the lower right part of the phone's front surface. But this new design doesn't mean that either the quality of the front camera quality or the selfie taking experience will be sacrificed. Instead, it offers more alternatives to take selfies. The auto-adaptation Selfie Mode on UMIDIGI Crystal allows you to take photos with the front camera with the phone upside-down just as the camera is on the upper end, so you can play with both ways.

Experience the new way of photographing on UMIDIGI Crystal, and enjoy new ways of preserving the lively moments in life.

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quote bart877ie 2017-10-24 06:12
The final product didn't live to the expectations. A lot of software bugs, camera is average at best. Good thing is price and build quality.
quote Axelro 2017-10-17 07:56
Best camera for best phone, ever!!! Wake-up!!!

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