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UMIDIGI Crystal - A Crystal Box Lights Thoughts Outside

2017-8-1 08:26| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 2283| Comment: 3

UMIDIGI Crystal - A Crystal Box Lights Thoughts Outside

24-hour Online Friend Inspiring You

Your smartphone is a friend stays with you everyday, almost every minute, even longer than any person. We have asked about how long your smartphone is being stayed with you everyday, and many told us 24 hours. UMIDIGI Crystal is not only a good friend for you, but also will inspire you and share more lights for you when your mind needs.


Breathing Light - An Exit Outside the Box

Take a breath when you feel pressure, when you want to relax, when you need courage.


2.5D Glasses - Feel Your temperature, feel your feeling

Not hot also not cold, just as the temperature you have. UMIDIGI Crystal feels what you feel, too.


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Good looking phone! That is all! Good marketing!!! Only lies!!! Respect the customer!!!

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