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UMIDIGI Z1/ Z1 Pro Official Overview (Video Overview)

2017-6-23 05:50| publisher: bencebacsi| Views: 988| Comment: 2

Summary: UMIDIGI Z1/ Z1 Pro Official Overview (Video Overview)Experience the 6.95mm thinnest big battery flagship phoneIntegrating design aesthetics and technologyDesign has always been the primary concern of ...

UMIDIGI Z1/ Z1 Pro Official Overview (Video Overview)

Experience the 6.95mm thinnest big battery flagship phone


Integrating design aesthetics and technology

Design has always been the primary concern of UMIDIGI, and the latest products, the Z1 and Z1 Pro are not exceptions. Visually obtrusive design elements have been minimized to create a more tangible screen space, enabling better handling. A sleek, classy, and refined design is what makes the final product so special.


The Z1 is already very thin at 8.2mm, but the Z1 Pro only measures an astonishing 6.95mm while still being equipped with a massive 4000 mAh battery. The thickness is significantly decreased thanks to the use of AMOLED panels as screen display, which cuts down 30% of the thickness compared to LCD displays. The thinness and lightness of UMIDIGI Z1 Pro not only makes it feel pleasant but also balances functionality and design.


Thin Body, Big Specs

With a 4000 mAh massive battery, power is obviously no more an issue. The 6.95 mm thin body of the Z1 Pro is like a power bank itself. Both the UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are packed with 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The phone runs smoothly and sound with various apps running at the same time. Furthermore, the UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are equipped with the most power-efficient MTK chipset with eight cores clocked at 2.3 GHz, which will lead to a 25% better power efficiency and higher processing performance.




Dual Rear Camera Setup

On the back of UMIDIGI Z1 & Z1 Pro, you will find the dual-lens camera. The dual camera features a 13MP and a 5MP sensor, which allows users to take DSLR-quality photos with incredible clarity. Here are some photos shot with the UMIDIGI Z1 Pro for a detailed review of the camera quality.



Up-to-date and Pure Android Nougat OS Out of the box

The latest Android Nougat 7.0 optimizes the performance more than you'd think it possible, which means less battery will be drained from apps that you normally don’t use. New features of the Android system are also there for you to experience.


Summary and Pricing

UMIDIGI Z1 and Z1 Pro are not just about the specs, the design, but performance and innovation have the equal shares of effort in the making.


As the new flagship phones, the pricing for UMIDIGI Z1 & Z1 Pro will start from $299.99, more price details will be revealed on the pre-sale day on 26th June.


You can now get UMIDIGI Z1 with $40 off during pre-sale subscription. The Z1 Pro is a limited stock edition with 1,000 pieces available globally. To purchase the Z1 Pro, subscribe first on UMIDIGI official website.

Right now, you can also enter UMIDIGI’s official website for the $9.99 subscription and giveaway contest:



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quote oxy86 2017-8-4 05:54
for me 250 euro represent almost entire sallary..i
m from Romania..i want my money back.i invest to change change display...
quote oxy86 2017-8-4 05:52
Umi z is a piece of shit....the battery was like a baloon..when fell down display crack very fast...application crack down because you don.t optimise android...i.m very disapointed...

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