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UMi Plus E: An affordable smartphone with premium aspirations by @betanews

2017-2-14 10:59| publisher: UMIadmin| Views: 1214| Comment: 3

UMi Plus E: An affordable smartphone with premium aspirations [Review]
by @betanews

Smartphones have replaced tablets and traditional computers for millions of users as the preferred -- and often only -- way to access the internet.

While the initial waves of devices were nothing more than souped-up feature phones, the past couple of years have seen the arrival of models that are not only far more sophisticated but also significantly more powerful than their predecessors.

Take the UMi Plus E for example which packs the sort of firepower that you would expect from a mid-range to high end laptop, but with a price tag that’s more than reasonable. But there’s more to it than just the hardware as we’ll reveal later and there’s plenty of hints as to where the next generation of smartphones will be heading. Read more here.

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quote Cameron77 2017-5-21 18:21
Great just a couple problems hopefully umi can fix
quote rafahprojectdc 2017-3-23 12:55
Everything Wrong with Umi Plus E
Wifi Disconnecting
Speaker distort
Bad Quality Photos

worst phone,not ever worth 50$

rest is useable but not a happy user of Umi Plus E
quote Mirausquinbrett 2017-2-17 06:41
the only thing I don't like about the Plus E is where the camera lens is placed, but it's a good looking phone with great specs.

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