UMi Plus, the next super phone will be launched during IFA 2016

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Summary: UMi Plus, September 7th

UMi Plus, the next super phone will be launched during IFA 2016


IFA is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.  From Samsung to Sony, the major cell phone manufacturers unveils their latest products to attract everybody's attention, but this year’s IFA has also brought some pleasant surprises from other emerging brands.

Tech enthusiasts are lucky! One of those dynamic brands which caught a lot of attention lately has some news for them: UMi’s marketing division is preparing the website to show a new product. To attract your attention, we just share some photos here and let you know that the name of our new smartphone will be UMi Plus. It will be announced very soon, just in a couple of days, as expected, on the 7th day of September.

From the current UMi product line, you can see how the company has released several phablets recently, the last one is the UMi Max with an amazing quality/price ratio. The UMi Plus, that we call “Note 7 Mini” seems to follow this trend. The fact that we will present it at the IFA time means we have big expectations about the product. To know how this phone will shape up, you have to wait until September 7th but on the very same day reservations of this new model may start as well. Will UMi surprise you again with a new “budget flagship”? Stay tuned to know more soon!



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